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Managing Director of EDC Investments Ltd, Paul Kofi Mante, has defined that the adventure to monetary independence isn’t a dash then again a marathon.

He attributes the upward thrust within the ‘get wealthy’ mentality among the early lifestyles to the unrealistic trust that the street to monetary independence is a 100m dash.

“We don’t succeed in cash rapidly then again in bits. The adventure to monetary independence isn’t a dash then again a marathon. It’s not an afternoon fit, then again in bits, timing and consistency, one can turn into a hit. We would love our younger ones to remember that making money isn’t an fit then again a painstaking procedure.

“We would love folks to remember that with self-control, we will succeed in and get the cash we would like,” he mentioned on the release of the monetary literary phase on Glad FM dubbed ‘Wo Sikasem’ at the ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ supply affairs display.

Consistent with Mr Mante, lifestyles isn’t an fit then again a adventure with many finding out tales; he, due to this fact, suggested Ghanaians, specifically the early lifestyles, to set monetary objectives for themselves throughout the fit that they wish to make ‘blank’ cash.

“EDC and Glad FM are participating in instructing and selling the customized of funding by means of this radio broadcast. We would love to give an explanation for the principles of making money to the Ghanaian populace and within the procedure lend a hand many of us to score monetary independence.”

Cash is regarded as a big lifestyles path irrespective of one’s profession, or social standing and this promoting advertising marketing campaign search to construct capability and knowledge of cash.

As a couple of source of revenue streams are a need and no longer a luxurious, all listeners are advised to track in day by day for those money-making nuggets from EDC investments.

“Ecobank Building Company (EDC) Ghana is the securities, wealth and asset keep an eye on subsidiary of the Ecobank Workforce in Ghana.”

EDC’s flagship mounted source of revenue fund is crucial fund in Ghana and has grown to over ¢2.7 billion ever since its inception in 2012.

With over 80 in keeping with cent of the fund invested in authorities and quasi-government securities, consumers are confident of the security in their price range.

One can sign up for the EDC circle of relatives by means of strolling into any department of Ecobank and wishes a minimum of ¢50 to subscribe to a most popular coverage.

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