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EmigrantDirect is an web division of New York-based Emigrant Monetary establishment, a monetary establishment whose history dates once more to its founding as a mutual monetary financial savings monetary establishment by means of Irish emigrants in 1850. Emigrant Monetary establishment offered the online-only EmigrantDirect in mid-2004.

While EmigrantDirect supplies just a few products—monetary financial savings accounts and CDs—its APYs are competitive.

This review specializes in EmigrantDirect and its consumer bank account possible choices. Account details and annual percentage yields (APYs) are right kind as of Nov. 28, 2021.

Account Basics

EmigrantDirect is not a full-service monetary establishment. You gained’t find checking accounts or money market accounts at this monetary establishment. It limits its products to monetary financial savings accounts and CDs. Proper right here’s a check out the monetary establishment’s account possible choices.

Monetary financial savings

There’s only one monetary financial savings account available through EmigrantDirect: the American Dream Monetary financial savings Account. This monetary financial savings account earns 0.35% APY on all balances. Like many online monetary financial savings accounts, it carries no per 30 days service fee and has just a few other fees. There may be no minimum steadiness requirement—this means you’ll turn out to be winning on your account without reference to how so much you keep throughout the account.

Now not like many online monetary financial savings accounts, the American Dream Monetary financial savings account doesn’t come with many additional choices. As an example, there are not any automatic monetary financial savings choices or ways to create specific monetary financial savings targets. Alternatively for those who’re looking for a simple and secure online monetary financial savings account to stick an emergency fund or set aside money for various monetary financial savings targets, this account usually is a superb selection. That discussed, you’ll be able to possibly find other online banks that offer higher fees and additional perks.


EmigrantDirect monetary financial savings account holders can also open a CD account. To be clear, you’ll be able to’t open a CD with EmigrantDirect aside from you cling an American Dream Monetary financial savings Account. CDs require a minimum deposit of $1,000. CD words range from six months to 10 years. The internet monetary establishment supplies slightly competitive APYs on all words.

In particular, EmigrantDirect supplies longer words than many various banks and credit score ranking unions—as long as 10 years. Merely take into account that a longer CD time frame from EmigrantDirect doesn’t indicate the following fee. As an example, you’ll earn the equivalent fee on a five-year and a 10-year CD, so it doesn’t pay to lock your money up for a longer term. Plus, EmigrantDirect fees don’t beat out some of the highest CD fees available now.

Customers can purchase EmigrantDirect CDs with the following words and costs:

Passion on EmigrantDirects CDs compounds day-to-day and is credited per 30 days. Customers can withdraw earned interest at any time right through the CD time frame alternatively face a penalty of up to 180 days’ interest for chickening out number one CD value vary previous than the account reaches maturity. Ensure you’ll be able to have enough money to be without the deposited value vary long term previous than opening a CD.

Like most banks, EmigrantDirect will notify you when your CD reaches maturity and is about to renew. In this day and age, you’ll be able to choose to open any other CD, withdraw or add value vary or close the CD account.

Other Accounts and Services and products

EmigrantDirect used to advertise treasured metals as part of its banking services and products and merchandise. New product sales of treasured metals have ended, alternatively provide shoppers can nevertheless store previous purchases throughout the monetary establishment’s secured vault, advertise them or have them shipped to their maintain on record. Storage fees are based on the value of your holdings and routinely deducted from American Dream Monetary financial savings Accounts.

Treasured metals previously purchased through EmigrantDirect are not FDIC insured, and they may be able to lose value.

Get right to use on the Transfer

Many online banks offer shoppers easy get right of entry to to accounts using the latest technologies. That’s not the case with EmigrantDirect. The monetary establishment supplies shoppers basic online get right of entry to through its slightly dated internet web page. As with the other Emigrant Monetary establishment online banking offshoots, DollarSavingsDirect and MySavingsDirect, EmigrantDirect supplies no cell app.

Customers can sign up for a monetary financial savings account online. You will have to link an external checking account to fund the new monetary financial savings account. Customers can each send a check out from the hooked up account or transfer value vary electronically. Checks are only licensed for initial deposits, not ongoing, so bear in mind to’re comfortable with shifting money through virtual transfers previous than signing up.

EmigrantDirect saving accounts do not come with a debit card and aren’t available in the market by means of ATM. Folks looking for at hand banking will find EmigrantDirect to be extremely restrictive on learn to get right of entry to value vary.


  • Somewhat competitive fees on monetary financial savings and CD accounts
  • No account fees
  • No minimum steadiness prerequisites
  • CD interest is available at any time after it’s earned


  • No cell app
  • Should have an American Dream Monetary financial savings Account to get right of entry to CD accounts
  • No ATM get right of entry to
  • No debit card
  • No physically puts

How EmigrantDirect Stacks Up

EmigrantDirect is behind the curve in relation to stylish online and cell banking conveniences came upon at many various banks and credit score ranking unions. For some, the monetary establishment’s high-yield monetary financial savings and CD possible choices could also be superb enough to care for the monetary establishment’s boundaries, alternatively upper APYs will also be came upon in other places.

With no checking account, no debit card or ATM get right of entry to and no other services and products and merchandise, EmigrantDirect is some distance from a full-service monetary establishment. It’s not a good choice for those who care to do all their banking in one place. Having access to value vary in short isn’t an selection, and the lack of a cell app limits where and when you’ll be able to get right of entry to your money.

While the monetary establishment supplies slightly competitive APYs on all of its account possible choices, a bit of having a look out can lead you to other online banks that may be providing even higher fees, alternatively with the entire added stylish conveniences that EmigrantDirect is lacking.

Ceaselessly Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is EmigrantDirect FDIC insured?

Positive, as a division of Emigrant Monetary establishment, EmigrantDirect is FDIC insured (FDIC# 12054). The federal government protects your money up to $250,000 in step with depositor, for every account ownership elegance, throughout the fit of a monetary establishment failure. EmigrantDirect moreover provides a handy chart to lend a hand shoppers maximize their FDIC insurance policy by means of taking advantage of every ownership elegance.

Keep in mind that coverage is split among all accounts at Emigrant Monetary establishment and any of its non-public banking divisions, along side EmigrantDirect, DollarSavingsDirect and MySavingsDirect.

How do I deposit money into an EmigrantDirect monetary financial savings account?

Your initial deposit will also be made by means of mailing a check out or making an virtual transfer from a hooked up external checking account. After the initial deposit, the best choice so to upload value vary is through virtual transfers.

How do I open an account with EmigrantDirect?

You are able to open an EmigrantDirect account online right through the monetary establishment’s internet web page. You’ll wish to provide non-public wisdom, similar to a driving force’s license, for id purposes right through the application process. Funding your new account requires an external bank account. You’ll be asked for the account amount and routing amount right through the application process.

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