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Previous than the pandemic, Mark King worked in promoting and advertising and marketing for enormous companies, alternatively the Los Angeles man dreamed of working for himself. 

Then a pal knowledgeable him a couple of Maryland man nicknamed “Mr. 50K A Day,” who allegedly made large dollars by means of internet affiliate marketing online. That man, Greg Davis, claimed he might simply teach others find out how to make money by means of promoting folks’s products online, too. 

King discussed he hired Davis in early 2020, expecting he would design a web-based advertising and marketing advertising and marketing marketing campaign for him that would possibly generate as much as $10,000 a day within six months. The associated fee for his products and services and merchandise wasn’t inexpensive — just about $70,000 — and were given right here with a one-year money back be certain.

“He used to be as soon as the internet affiliate marketing guru,” King discussed, together with, “His assurances had been: ‘We’re going to begin out making money in brief.’”

Alternatively after hiring Davis, whose company is referred to as the Legin Crew, King discussed problems went south.

He discussed not best did he not make a receive advantages, alternatively more than a twelve months and a component later, Davis has failed to return his almost about $70,000 investment as their contract requires.

“I imagine like it shouldn’t have happened,” King discussed. “I’ve made no money in every single place this whole process. This used to be as soon as a whole failure.”

The News4 I-Personnel found out King isn’t the only one who hired “Mr. 50K A Day” to be in agreement unencumber a web-based advertising and marketing profession best to return again up empty-handed. Through court docket data, online reviews and interviews, the I-Personnel found out numerous people who discussed they paid Davis thousands of bucks for coaching and to be in agreement organize a web-based advertising and marketing industry, best to procure little or no longer anything else in return. 

In an interview with the I-Personnel, the individual at the back of the “Mr. 50K A Day” moniker mentioned owing King and “quite a few” folks money, alternatively insisted he plans on repaying them.

“I imagine bad. I don’t, , want folks to not have their money … I don’t feel good about that the least bit,” Davis discussed.

The Prince George’s County man blamed his financial problems on the pandemic, saying his industry tanked last twelve months on account of his “number one advertising and marketing marketing campaign” used to be as soon as inquisitive about promoting auto insurance plans, which he discussed suffered as Americans went into lockdown. He discussed he’s nevertheless digging out of the backlog. 

“If the pandemic hadn’t happened, none of this is in a position to’ve happened. We wouldn’t be talking,” he discussed.

Alternatively the I-Personnel found out a few people who say they out of place money to Davis prior to the pandemic, along with Floyd Garner, of Maryland, who hired Davis in late 2017.

Asked what he expected to be informed from Davis’ coaching, Garner discussed, “What I was meant to be finding out used to be as soon as the industry, alternatively instead, I got the industry.”

Knowledge show Garner to begin with paid Davis $15,000 for a three-month online training trail in internet affiliate marketing and later paid more than $6,000 in additional charges related to selling campaigns. Alternatively Garner discussed Davis not at all provided coaching products and services and merchandise or evidence of a promoting and advertising and marketing advertising and marketing marketing campaign.

“There were source of revenue promised, and this used to be as soon as no longer anything else alternatively a loss,” Garner knowledgeable News4.

Garner sued Davis for breach of contract, intentional misrepresentation and fraud in 2019 and won his case, alternatively data show it took further jail filings forward of he used to be as soon as repaid.

Jon Petreeko, of Florida, knowledgeable the I-Personnel he hired Davis for $20,000 in March 2019 to unencumber a web-based advertising and marketing industry that Petreeko would in spite of everything take over.

Instead, Petreeko discussed he used to be as soon as introduced a “pipe dream.”

“He not at all got the industry to the aim where I will be able to in fact take it over,” Petreeko discussed. “He not at all had a physically product or even virtual product that I might simply even see or transfer, ‘All correct, I will be able to get on board with this.’ He merely put excuses after excuses.”

Petreeko discussed Davis has repaid more than $15,000 of his investment, along with in cryptocurrency, alternatively he’s nevertheless taking a look forward to the remainder.

Even though Davis acknowledges he owes many people money, he discussed he’s had “a lot” of shoppers and that many have benefited from his coaching.

He sent the I-Personnel reasonably numerous video testimonials from former shoppers he discussed have made as much as six and seven figures. News4 attempted to reach a whole lot of them.

Lamont Price, of Baltimore, wrote in a message to News4 that “Greg’s program worked reasonably neatly” for him and used to be as soon as “neatly definitely worth the investment.”

Reached by means of the I-Personnel, John Gray discussed he spent spherical $2,000 numerous years prior to now to take one among Davis’ categories on cost-per-acquisition promoting and advertising and marketing – something he discussed helped unencumber his provide profession in email correspondence promoting and advertising and marketing.

Alternatively asked if he’s earned “seven figures” consequently, as Davis knowledgeable the I-Personnel, Gray laughed and discussed, “No, no, no, and my tax returns would finally end up that.” 

Previous than entering into any type of coaching agreement, consumer legislation criminal skilled Michael Ostroff steered folks to make a decision whether or not or no longer the supplier is a shopper, personal or industry transaction, as that stipulates the type of protections available must the deal transfer sideways.

Ostroff, who represented Garner in his case towards Davis, moreover discussed would-be shoppers must ask myriad questions about what they’re purchasing and make sure not to pay for all products and services and merchandise prematurely.

“The additional you ask questions forward of you get into it, the additional you’re going to have a written contract, the additional what is expected of not best you alternatively the other celebration, the you will be,” he discussed.

The Federal Trade Price, which tracks online coaching strategies lengthy long gone fallacious, declined to commentary on this story.

Alternatively Andrew Smith, the FTC’s former director of the Bureau of Shopper Protection, knowledgeable the I-Personnel he “isn’t shocked” by means of the level of losses folks like King have reported.

Smith wouldn’t commentary particularly about Davis’ industry alternatively discussed, with regards to investigating wrongdoing, “From the FTC or the legislation enforcement perspective, what makes the adaptation is pretend or unsubstantiated source of revenue or way of living claims.”

Even though former shoppers along with King and Garner discussed Davis gave them assurances they might turn source of revenue by means of hiring him as their instructor, Davis refuted that and discussed he discloses to his shoppers that not everyone will make large dollars.

“I didn’t necessarily be sure that they might make money. I merely discussed that, like, within the tournament that they hadn’t made their money back inside of of 1 yr, then I would possibly, , refund them,” he discussed.

Asked about King’s allegation that the selling advertising and marketing marketing campaign Davis used to be as soon as rising for him might simply yield up to $10,000 a day within six months, Davis discussed, “That used to be as soon as not a promise. It used to be as soon as a objective.”

Nevertheless, an arbitrator overseeing King’s case towards Davis with the American Arbitration Association wrote Davis “intentionally misrepresented that he made $50,000.00 in line with day and loads of hundreds generally by means of internet affiliate marketing” and that “he would provide products and services and merchandise that can in an instant generate income.”

In September, a Prince George’s County judge moreover ordered Davis to repay King’s $70,000 investment, plus additional costs.

King discussed Davis no longer too way back indicated he’ll repay him alternatively hasn’t however completed so.

Within the period in-between, Davis knowledgeable the I-Personnel he’s allowing for moving on from internet affiliate marketing coaching and is now teaching others find out how to invest in cryptocurrency.

Reported by means of Susan Hogan, produced by means of Katie Leslie, and shot and edited by means of Lance Ing. NBCLA I-Personnel reporter Randy McIlwain contributed to this file.

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