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Completing online surveys for coins turns out like a excellent idea. No less than it did to me quicker than I hung out taking paid surveys.

In thought, it provides a flexible way to change into successful online with no boss, no set hours and no office. Then again, after spending more than a full-time artwork week reviewing some of the largest online survey internet sites, I were given right here to so much different conclusions.

In this article, I’ll let you know how much money I made taking paid surveys, come up with my opinion on whether or not or now not it’s value doing and read about some of the largest firms inside the online survey trade.

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How So much Money Can You Make Taking Paid Surveys?

I spent 50 hours taking paid online surveys and earned $65.73. So I made $1.31 in step with hour taking online surveys for coins.

I tested 4 different survey internet sites and read critiques on more than a dozen others. My results seem same old of anyone in quest of to change into successful online by means of filling out paid surveys.

My pay ranged from $0.81 to $2.02 in step with hour depending on the company. For reference, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 in step with hour.

Are Paid Online Surveys Worth It?

I will be able to solution only for myself. And for me, filling out online surveys for $2 an hour (at most) isn’t undoubtedly definitely worth the constant frustration.

If my best serve as were to find a self-directed, online, task-oriented task, I’d select a microtask internet web site instead. For instance, I made $4.16 in step with hour when I tested Clickworker.

Then again, there are further successful, a lot much less tedious techniques to generate profits online. If truth be told, you are able to most definitely make more money in step with hour pursuing passive income alternatives than answering surveys for coins or completing microtasks.

I suppose paid surveys would possibly make sense as a passion should you enjoy answering questions and you have got commonplace, quite small pockets of time to fill.

No less than the most efficient survey internet sites are free. You are able to come to a decision your own schedule and get admission to the ones internet sites anytime, anywhere.

How Do the Very best Survey Web pages Pay?

Survey internet sites rely just about absolutely on praise taking part in playing cards as a method of rate.

You are able to generally leap through a handful of hoops to get your coins through PayPal or a prepaid Visa card. Crucial survey internet sites generally tend to provide PayPal, Visa and dozens of praise card alternatives.

In my experience with survey rewards, getting praise taking part in playing cards calls for additonal follow-up than PayPal. They generally require a processing length, plenty of confirmation emails and a confirmation code.

Americans hold $15 billion in unused praise taking part in playing cards, in step with Bankrate.

I haven’t worked for a survey company. On the other hand undoubtedly the ones firms perceive {{that a}} percentage of people gained’t ever redeem their in-house problems for a gift card. Every other percentage of people gained’t transfer all the way through the very important steps to get a spendable praise card. Of the subset that does go through to process, some gained’t ever spend their praise card.

It’s nice to have alternatives. Most internet sites offer praise taking part in playing cards from widely known producers that advertise foods, electronics, recreational, clothes and sneakers. On the other hand the propensity to modify problems (which can be sophisticated) for praise taking part in playing cards is just one the reason why completing surveys for coins can’t be regarded as a task choice.

Comparing the Paid Survey Web pages I Reviewed

 SwagbucksInboxDollarsMyPointsOpinion Outpost
Hourly Income$1.29$1.09$0.81$2.02
Qualification Worth32%36%23%38%
Minimum Cashout$1$15$3$5
Pay In step with Survey Attempt$0.18$0.12$0.14$0.38
Sign-Up BonusSeasonal$5$0$0
Eligibility Age13181318


You understand those e-commerce internet sites that seem overly optimized? The ones with constant “product sales,” a countdown clock for when the existing deal will expire, aggressive electronic mail campaigns and loyalty schemes? Swagbucks stroke a chord in my memory of those internet sites on a daily basis.

I describe it as a gamified, arbitraged affiliate program even if surveys are necessarily probably the most exceptional element on the Swagbucks internet web page.

With a browser extension, a large-scale monetary financial savings and purchasing groceries rewards program plus partnerships with meal provide kits, fintech firms and smartphone video video games, Swagbucks is well numerous when it comes to its source of revenue sources.

Its degree instrument used to be as soon as the least sophisticated, as one SB degree equals one cent. And it provides with regards to 600 rewards alternatives.

The internet web site is attention-grabbing because it’s so stuffed with provides and random techniques to earn SB problems. But it surely’s moreover overwhelming and distracting.


InboxDollars provides a “scratch and win” widget similar to a gasoline station lottery ticket. The additional circumstances you check out surveys or take other actions on the internet web site, the “higher value” your scratch-off choice becomes.

It’s a lovely emotional respite from the usual “Proper right here’s two cents to compensate you for failing another survey” way, although the repayment stage isn’t much better.

I moreover liked the $5 sign-up bonus I received and the fact that InboxDollars ditches a problems instrument in make a choice of greenbacks and cents.

Then again, its $15 minimum cash-out is 15 circumstances more than Swagbucks. I imagine a healthy portion of people who check out InboxDollars give up quicker than reaching the minimum.

Moreover, InboxDollars most definitely used to be as soon as the worst offender when it comes to sending unsolicited mail emails and browser popup notifications.


In my experience, MyPoints featured necessarily probably the most sophisticated problems instrument, hands down.

Most frequently, one MyPoints degree is the an identical of six-tenths of one cent. Then again, that varies by means of reward in accordance with “discounts” MyPoints could also be offering at the time. For instance, the $10 rewards range from 1,460 to no less than one,590 problems.

I came upon that MyPoints incessantly grossly underestimated the time it took to complete its surveys. Out of the Prodege producers, which dominate the internet survey landscape, I imagine that MyPoints provides the worst individual experience and internet web site design.

I qualified for merely 23% of the MyPoints surveys I attempted, a whole 15% less than my Opinion Outpost results. I moreover netted merely $0.81 in step with hour, merely my lowest pay rate.

Opinion Outpost

The simplest brand I reviewed, Opinion Outpost is in a position surveys, surveys and further surveys. Taking into consideration that I made necessarily probably the most coins on the ones internet sites taking surveys, I came upon the slim focal point to be refreshing.

And I made more cash in step with hour, more cash in step with survey that I attempted and professional fewer disqualifications with Opinion Outpost than any survey internet web site I tested.

Opinion Outpost offered necessarily probably the most unpaid, self-directed information-gathering surveys. In line with my results, it kind of feels that filling out those “get to clutch you” questionnaires helped are compatible me with comparable surveys and limited my disqualifications.

If I were going to choose a single go-to survey internet web site, I’d make a selection Opinion Outpost.

Taking Online Surveys for Money: Pointers & Advice

If your center is set on taking surveys for coins, there are some things you are able to do to optimize your income and limit your angst.

Hopefully I will be able to save you some painful trial and error with the following tips.

1. Be Honest and Thorough With Personal Details

Your age, gender, martial status, income and the town impact which surveys you get.

You are able to’t keep watch over the entire ones variables. On the other hand you are able to be fair and thorough in providing your demographic details and interests.

Continuously the ones internet sites require you to take an initial survey to gather a couple of of that information. Maximum ceaselessly, you are able to transfer into so much upper component in optional, self-directed surveys.

Those generally pay little or now not the rest. On the other hand filling them out completely will transfer a ways against ensuring you’re offered with surveys which may also be associated with you. Doing this will increasingly more lend a hand your failure rate transfer down and your income in step with hour transfer up. It’s going to moreover make for a far much less frustrating experience.

When you solution surveys, solution the questions honestly and continuously. The ones internet sites monitor your answers and come up with a survey rating in accordance with the usual of your responses. If your rating is low, the survey internet web site can limit your surveys or even ban you.

2. Create a Separate Email for Survey Web pages

It may be a good idea to create a separate electronic mail deal with quicker than you sign up for a survey internet web site. That way your own electronic mail inbox gained’t get bombarded with unsolicited mail.

Then again, understand that should you intend to get paid through PayPal, you’ll wish to use the email deal with comparable in conjunction with your PayPal account to sign up for the survey internet web site.

3. Resolution Higher-Paying Surveys First

I came upon it helpful to check out the highest-paying surveys first. The key survey internet sites let you know ahead of time what collection of problems you’ll earn by means of completing a selected survey.

Surveys are available for a limited time. And there can be large diversifications between how so much the surveys pay.

4. Don’t Depend on Survey-Based Income

Even if you’ve earned enough problems to modify for rewards, don’t depend on the ones internet sites for income you need on your basic needs.

Except the fact that your income in step with hour could be tiny, it’ll perhaps take days or weeks for problems you’ve earned to settle for your survey account or on your request for a reward to process.

5. Limit Your Survey Categories if Possible

Possibly you might have further staying power than I do. On the other hand I came upon it to be a good idea to keep away from marathon survey-answering categories.

The usual of available surveys perceived to decline the longer I extended my categories. My disqualification frequency moreover tended to rise once I attempted double-digit surveys in a single sitting. My frustration levels better the longer my categories lasted as neatly.

6. Don’t Get Distracted by means of Non-Survey Choices

Most primary survey internet sites offer additional techniques to make and save money.

A company known as Prodege owns and operates lots of the largest paid survey internet sites. The entire Prodege internet sites offer purchasing groceries discounts and different ways to earn problems.

I make a choice herbal survey internet sites that don’t add additional bells and whistles. With the Prodege internet sites, I felt a need to try and uncover the entire additional choices best to decide they’d been even a lot much less financially beneficial.

Opinion Outpost, which focuses best on surveys, paid me necessarily probably the most in step with hour.

Survey Tales: My 5 Most Frustrating Stories

Concept is one thing, alternatively experiencing something firsthand is another.

Whether or not or now not you want to decide some of the techniques by which paid surveys in reality artwork or are merely in search of just a bit of schadenfreude, I’ve got numerous stories.

Listed below are the 5 most frustrating problems I professional while reviewing the biggest survey internet sites.

5. First-Class Ticket to Nowhere

Opinion Outpost offered it to my attention that if I stopped certain tasks, I might simply switch up to higher tiers within its rewards instrument.

This system used to be as soon as a clear attempt to increase individual assignment on the internet web site. One of the most tasks I needed to entire built-in a certain number of surveys attempted.

Then again, the internet web site not at all outlined what benefits I’d get, if any, by means of shifting up to higher tiers. I dug all the way through the FAQs and the words and necessities attempting to go looking out answers, alternatively I not at all did.

4. No Payout for You

I got a $5 sign-up bonus for InboxDollars, which used to be as soon as nice. That amount represented with regards to 4 hours of survey artwork in accordance with my overall reasonable pay.

Then again, I spent an additional 11 hours filling out InboxDollars surveys and didn’t come in terms of reaching the $15 minimum very important to claim a reward.

My final tally: 11 hours worked, $11.94 earned — in conjunction with the $5 bonus. Without that, I made $0.63 in step with hour. At that rate, I would possibly’ve needed to artwork just about 5 further hours merely to be eligible for a $15 reward.

3. We’ve Reached Our Quota

I’m not certain why survey internet sites seem incapable of realizing when they’ve maxed out their allotted responses. On the other hand on just about every internet web site I reviewed, at least once I stopped a whole survey, best to get a message that they’d already received the entire very important responses.

Getting disqualified from surveys is exasperating enough. On the other hand spending 15 minutes filling out a survey for coins, doing so successfully and getting a message that they in reality didn’t need my results and wouldn’t pay me used to be as soon as maddening.

2. Not at all-Completing Survey

I logged into MyPoints one evening time to check out a survey. My partner texted me that she used to be as soon as leaving artwork. MyPoints estimated the survey would take 18 minutes. Easiest, I be mindful brooding about.

As it was out, the survey took me 76 minutes to complete. It scale back into time I was planning to spend with my partner. On the other hand once I’d spent more than an hour on the survey, I didn’t wish to throw it away with 0 repayment.

The survey involved a raw edit of a brand spanking new cooking show judged by means of celebrities. I started looking at, figuring in accordance with the time estimate that they’d show me a single segment. The show itself will have to have taken 30 minutes to watch.

1. Bingo: Now not All A laugh and Video video games

Swagbucks used to be as soon as the main survey brand I tested.

It’s a Prodege internet web site, so it provides a whole array of shopping for groceries rewards and techniques to earn problems. A kind of techniques is to acquire a game in your phone.

I downloaded myVEGAS Bingo. Swagbucks stipulated that I needed to reach a certain stage throughout the game so as to protected my problems.

At first, I flew all the way through the levels. On the other hand I had no way of understanding how for for much longer it would take the closer I got. On account of I was unfamiliar, I moreover made a mistake throughout the game related to “powerup boosts” that lengthened the time it took to reach the level I needed.

It took me 14 hours to earn the 2,000 Swagbucks problems, or $20. Then I had to wait 10 days quicker than those problems hit my Swagbucks account.

The worst segment were given right here after I invested 10+ hours into the game. I wanted to surrender. On the other hand I moreover didn’t wish to waste the 10 hours I’d spent. It used to be as soon as tempting to make an in-game gain, write it off as a loss and grasp the problems. On the other hand I held off.

Survey Negatives: Problems You Would possibly Now not Like

I relayed an anecdote about a couple of of those in my absolute best 5 tick list. On the other hand in a further in depth sense, listed here are some regimen issues you’ll run into should you spend necessary time in quest of to change into successful filling out surveys:

  • Disqualifications. You are able to get plenty of minutes proper right into a survey quicker than the company disqualifies you. You not at all know why you’ve been disqualified. Most survey firms come up with a nominal amount of problems, generally value a few cents, for failed makes an strive — generally up to 5 disasters in step with day. But it surely’s infrequently an excellent sufficient convenience prize.
  • Difficult degree methods. I make a choice getting my income in dollars and cents. Every internet web site uses its non-public problems instrument. Problems correspond with certain rewards values. For a $5 Amazon card, it is conceivable you’ll be able to need 100 problems on one internet web site, 500 on another and 730 on another.
  • Direct mail emails. Survey internet sites once in a while ask you to sign up for free electronic mail provides from partner producers to get problems. As well as they bombard you with emails to encourage you to take additional surveys. In some instances, they may additionally advertise your electronic mail deal with to advertisers.
  • Erroneous time estimates. As I mentioned in my absolute best 5 tick list, there’s now not the rest worse than starting a survey brooding about it’s going to take 20 minutes when it in reality takes an hour. You’ll be able to have only a half-hour of time free.
  • Requires private information. In conjunction with your electronic mail deal with, phone amount, physically deal with and even your Social Protection amount, survey internet sites will ask questions for your income, investible belongings, scientific necessities, sexual orientation, purchasing habits and further. For individuals who’re uncomfortable disclosing private details about your lifestyles on the internet to a third party, taking surveys most definitely isn’t for you.

Final Concepts

Taking surveys for coins is, for my part, for the birds. It’s one notch beneath delicate torture, and I’m being just a bit facetious.

Extracting what little coins I made on no account compensated for the time frame I spent prepared myself not to curse at my laptop. If you want to change into successful online, there are upper techniques — when it comes to pay and enjoyability.

Completing paid surveys isn’t more likely to pay you even $3 in step with hour.

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