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Every time you are able to earn provide enjoying playing cards by way of an app, it’s going to actually really feel like a scam. After all, how can the platform find the money for to offer provide enjoying playing cards in exchange for your rewards problems?

Shopkick is an app that does exactly that. You can earn rewards problems which may well be exchangeable for provide enjoying playing cards at many not unusual retailers. 

On the other hand, it will take a little time and energy to build up problems by way of Shopkick. Proper right here’s what you wish to have to know about this rewards app. 


Shopkick provides an opportunity to earn kicks for purchasing groceries at your favorite retail outlets specifically individual or online. You can redeem the ones problems for not unusual provide enjoying playing cards. Then again expect that it will take a little time and energy to complete kick possible choices.


  • Unfastened to use
  • Earn kicks without spending
  • Earn kicks for referring pals


  • Time consuming to speak about with retail outlets
  • Should provide location information
  • May have limited possible choices in some puts

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is an app that allows you to earn rewards problems that can be redeemed for provide enjoying playing cards. The problems are known as ‘kicks.’ You can earn kicks online, specifically individual or by way of referrals.

Whilst you build up your problems, you are able to exchange them for a gift card. There is no shortage of alternatives in terms of choosing a gift card. You’ll find a wide selection of retail outlets available. 

A few retail outlets you are able to get provide enjoying playing cards to include: 

  • Amazon
  • AMC
  • American EagleTarget
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Best possible conceivable Acquire
  • Disney
  • Starbucks
  • Objective
  • Ulta

You’ll have the ability to continue building problems for as long as you’d like. 

While it will sound too good to be true, the app is a legitimate approach to earn rewards problems that you are able to cash in for provide enjoying playing cards.

Who is Shopkick For?

If you’re already a normal shopper at Shopkick’s partner retail outlets, then you are able to most certainly earn a few dollars in provide enjoying playing cards each and every week in conjunction with your not unusual check-ins. 

The ones rewards would possibly simply permit you to duvet smaller expenses or imply you’ll have ‘handle yourself moments’ without compromising your budgeting objectives. 

The app is very good for many who live in major metropolitan areas because it actually works with large retailers. You’ll have the following likelihood of earning kicks if you happen to reside in a big the city.

Additionally, Shopkick is highest for many who steadily shop online at firms that partner with the app.

Who Shouldn’t Use Shopkick?

If you wish to earn a lot of money in short, Shopkick is not for you. The platform is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In truth, it won’t make too huge of an impact for your long-term financial plans.

Consider pursuing other side gig possible choices if you wish to generate source of revenue fast.

Additionally, if you are fascinated by privacy, Shopkick might not be the proper platform for you because you should allow the app to track you. Because of this, chances are you’ll make a decision that the invasion of privacy isn’t worth it.

How Does Shopkick Art work?

Are you interested by attempting Shopkick? Proper right here’s a greater take a look at how the app works. 

Download the App

So as to get started, you’ll need to download the app. Shopkick is available on each and every iOS and Android gadgets.

Check in

After you acquire the app, you’ll be asked to select a gift card you’d like to art work towards earning. The platform says you are able to exchange your selection at any time.

Next, you’ll enter your piece of email, make a choice a password and add your birthday. You can moreover test in the usage of your Apple, Google or Facebook account.

The app will then request location get admission to so you are able to earn inside achieve kicks.

Earn problems

The serve as of a Shopkick individual is to earn kicks. Listed here are the other techniques you are able to make that happen. 


The principle method of earning kicks is to speak about along with your local brick-and-mortar retail outlets. You can take a look at in with the app to seem which retail outlets are participating to your house previous to you go shopping. 

Understand that you’ll need to turn for your location and allow the app to track your movements in every single place your visit. 

Once throughout the store, you are able to see which product barcodes may also be scanned for kicks. With each and every scan, you will earn kicks. If you decide now not to buy the product, you’ll nevertheless download some kicks. 

On the other hand, you are able to make a choice to shop for the items for a lot more kicks at the end of your purchasing groceries revel in. If you will purchase the items, you’ll need to scan your receipt as proof of achieve. 

Proper right here’s where you will see available kicks:


You don’t have to go away your house to look out possible choices to earn kicks. There are a couple of techniques to earn rewards from the comfort of your settee.

First, you are able to rack up kicks online without making a purchase order order. Shopkick will reward you while you watch films or take time to be informed about new products throughout the app. 

Each and every video and learning revel in will come with problems hooked up. 

Previous that, you are able to earn kicks via purchasing groceries online all through the app. In case you are making your online purchases all through the Shopkick interface, you will earn kicks. 

Plus, you are able to earn kicks for linking a credit card or debit card for your Shopkick account for easy purchasing. 

Proper right here’s what you’ll see when purchasing groceries online by way of Shopkick:


The overall approach to earn kicks is thru referring your pals to the app. You can earn up to 25,000 kicks via inviting pals to sign up. That’s an identical to 100 pals.

Redeem Problems

After earning kicks, you are able to redeem them for provide enjoying playing cards or get paid cash by way of PayPal.

Along one of the best ways, you’ll see your expansion towards a decided on provide card serve as. As an example, you might even see this Amazon provide card serve as:

Depending on the type of provide card you choose, you need to download a digital provide card that is available for use instantly. In several instances, the prevailing card will arrive throughout the mail. 

How So much Can You Earn on Shopkick?

As with each and every income possible choices, the quantity you are able to earn with Shopkick will vary in line with the time period you put into it. With Shopkick, it will take quite a lot of time throughout the store to build up problems. 

Even supposing the number of problems you earn in line with scanned products will vary, it won’t add up as in short as you’d like. 

Usually, 250 kicks are worth $1. Because of this, it will take really extensive time and effort to build up problems without making any purchases. 

In case you are making purchases by way of Shopkick, then you need to find that the problems add up further in short. On the other hand, you’ll need to take the cost of purchases you are making under consideration. 

Based on this information, it seems like a not unusual shopper would possibly simply earn a few dollars per week the usage of Shopkick. If you’re already at the store, this is a nice little boost for your wallet. 

That mentioned, don’t depend on Shopkick converting any substantial portion of your income. 


Forward of you sign up for Shopkick, you are going to have additional questions. Listed here are some answers that help you unravel if the platform is right for you.

Is Shopkick protected to use?

Positive. Shopkick is a protected app to procure. Millions of shoppers have successfully used Shopkick as it presented. 

For those who link your debit or credit card, it’s essential to note that Shopkick received’t store or display your card’s information. Instead, the guidelines is safely and securely stored with Mastercard or Visa.

Is Shopkick dependable?

Shopkick is a competent app that may reward you for your time. Even supposing it will take some effort to build up kicks for the prevailing card of your variety, you are able to expect a real provide card in exchange for your efforts. 

The company is able to provide the ones provide enjoying playing cards on account of producers compensate Shopkick anytime you have interaction with a brand spanking new product. 

What buyer strengthen alternatives does Shopkick offer?

You can achieve out to Shopkick by way of their piece of email request form. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a phone amount to call if you happen to run into any issues. 

Do I have to spend money to earn kicks?

No. On the other hand, you will earn kicks faster and have the ability to get provide enjoying playing cards sooner in case you are making purchases.

Is Shopkick worth it?

You’ll most certainly simplest earn a few dollars each and every week by way of Shopkick. For those who already not unusual Shopkick retail outlets, then chances are you’ll need to benefit from this opportunity. 
That mentioned, if you happen to aren’t a not unusual shopper, the app most certainly isn’t worth it for you. 

What Others are Announcing

Shopkick looks like a useful approach to earn some more cash throughout your store visits. Then again what do their provide consumers have to say?


Shopkick earned 3.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. With 815 critiques, spherical 70% of shoppers reported an excellent or great revel in. 

Listed here are a few Trustpilot critiques about Shopkick:

It is a excellent app that provides numerous possible choices for other people to get kicks. They at all times give provide enjoying playing cards for your kicks.” – Trevor D.

They will cancel your account anytime so redeem problems if you acquire enough problems. – Tin T.

Shopkick is my favorite purchasing groceries app. I actually like the danger to earn kicks without purchasing. I have made money without in truth buying the remaining!” – I H L

“I shopped by way of proper right here to get money back and no longer got my money for purchasing groceries with Shopkick.” – Chrissy

App Stores

Shopkick earned higher rankings on the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Over 68.7k Apple App Store consumers gave Shopkick 4.6 out of 5 stars. Shopkick moreover earned high praise on the Google Play store with a score of 4.2 out of 5 stars in line with over 229k critiques. 

Listed here are some critiques Shopkick consumers have shared on the quite a lot of app retail outlets:

“Works great used to be as soon as ready to get $100. In provide enjoying playing cards final 12 months.” – Lisa M

“Horrible! I used to love doing this app. I get enough kicks for my Amazon card and it provides me an error take a look at another time. I emailed strengthen and I certainly not heard once more. Other folks put the time in and don’t get results. A bit bit unhappy and frustrated with this app.” – Denice Q

“It’s quite easy to succeed in kicks! For those who in truth went out to try and scan the entire thing you’d have the ability to earn them fast! If I take a look at I will get about 500 in a day.” – Kdhebshdnsjaj

“I’ve tried again and again to get my provide enjoying playing cards from this app! Then again each time I attempt to fulfill my reward, I get an error on the app, and it tells me that it’s no longer ready to fulfill my request at this time.” – Anon0001111


Shopkick most often is a a laugh approach to earn a few dollars proper right here and there in case you are purchasing groceries. On the other hand, it will now not alternate your income.

Then again, it does offer a approach to earn rewards. Because of this, if you are searching for a very easy approach to get some free provide enjoying playing cards, Shopkick could be a great selection.

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