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A brand spanking new record lists the very best six emerging topics right through Instagram and Facebook in the second quarter of 2021, consistent with year-over-year wisdom.

Facebook’s quarterly “Topics to Watch” record identifies topics of conversation with enlargement patterns similar to other topics that spotted long-term sure facets in popularity.

The record focuses emerging inclinations which can be expected to seem sustained enlargement, as opposed to provide events which may be popular for a month and fade away the next month.

Facebook predicts the themes listed in its record will continue to grow in relevance, consistent with the company’s analysis of an an identical wisdom patterns.


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Listed below are the highlights from Facebook’s latest Topics to Watch record. If you happen to occur to’re in search of soar ahead inclinations to latch onto, the ones may well be secure bets.

Believe the ones aren’t the most popular topics on Instagram and Facebook. They’re topics with year-over-year enlargement patterns that show promising signs of staying popular at some point.

Facebook & Instagram Top 6 Topics to Watch

The record shares the very best 3 topics rising in conversation on each and every Facebook and Instagram, combining into a whole of six.

Emerging Topics on Facebook

Marriage ceremony rite Receptions

  • 1.57x year-over-year enlargement
  • 1.20x month-over-month enlargement


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Persons are willing to move ahead with marriage rite plans that were postponed at the top of the pandemic.

Conversations spherical marriage rite ceremonies in Q2 2021 indicate people are opting for simpler virtual ceremonies, or micro weddings with no more than 50 guests.

Pop-up Retail

  • 3.59x year-over-year enlargement
  • 1.02x month-over-month enlargement

Pop-up retail is gaining in popularity because it shall we in COVID-challenged companies to prepare a temporary storefront.

A pop-up retailer can last anywhere from a day to a few months. In cases of important uncertainty and sky top industry exact assets costs, the ones are a viable selection for firms that buyers enjoy as smartly.

Pet Sitting

  • 1.60x year-over-year enlargement
  • 1.25x month-over-month enlargement

Pet adoption soared all over the place the pandemic. As folks go back to artwork they find themselves in need of have the same opinion with taking good care of their new important different.


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This has led to an increase in conversations spherical pet sitting and an an identical topics similar to cat and dog walking.

Emerging Topics on Instagram

Family Reunion

  • 3.03x year-over-year enlargement
  • 1.69x year-over-year enlargement

Many people were planning a family reunion after spending time apart due of the pandemic. Some families are planning holiday spot reunions, while others are holding it on the subject of space.


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Car Apartment

  • 1.81x year-over-year enlargement
  • 0.97x month-over-month enlargement

The car condominium name for has been emerging as folks can now transfer out and uncover after categories of lockdowns and travel restrictions.

A large number of the conversation is targeted around the rising worth of renting a car as a result of a microchip shortage that’s making it difficult to procure new cars.


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Drag Show

  • 1.84x year-over-year enlargement
  • 1.41x month-over-month enlargement

The record defines a drag show as:

“… a gender-bending paintings form put on via drag artists, or people who dress in clothes and makeup that amplify a selected gender identity, in most cases of the opposite sex.”

Many drag presentations went digital all over the place the pandemic and grew as a popular form of escapism all over the place difficult cases.


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For additonal insights, see Facebook’s whole record.

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