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All the way through the closing 15 years, at least, Americans have wanted to be aware of some of the most unusual comments, and outright lies, from Republican men explaining why they’ve the right kind to dominate women and keep an eye on their our our bodies and reproductive properly being. Texas Governor Greg Abbot did precisely what every religious Republican keep an eye on freak has completed for over a decade and delivered an over-the-top justification for signing a spiritual bill into regulation giving fanatical religious Americans keep an eye on over Texas’ women’s our our bodies.

There was once quite just a bit of outrage over Abbot’s rape remarks right through the closing couple of days, on the other hand unfortunately he hasn’t been asked the right kind follow-up questions that may compel him to show the real reasons why white Republican men were on a marketing campaign to keep an eye on American women.

When the subject of Texas’ abortion ban were given right here up on the subject of  its draconian inclusion of no exceptions for rape and incest, Abbot opened himself up for an accurate verbal assault. He insinuated that six weeks after being raped is larger than enough time for a girl to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and that he had a better solution; he would put an end to rape because of “it’s a crime.” He said:

“Let’s make something very clear: Rape is illegal. And Texas will art work tirelessly to ensure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by means of aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets.”

So, sincere enough. Everyone knows rape is illegal. But if Abbot idea he would possibly do exactly the rest to stop it as Texas governor, then what the Hell has he been doing for the former six years?

In step with Statista, there were with regards to 15,000 rapes in Texas in 2019 by myself; one of the vital of any state inside the nation.

It is noteworthy that right through 2019 Abbot were governor for three years. Where was once as soon as he and why didn’t he “eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas” previous to with regards to 15,000 women suffered violent sexual assaults in 2019. If combating rape was once as soon as as easy a job as Abbot pretends it is, why didn’t he stand up off  his lazy behind and stop it right through his first month instead of trade in 2015?

And while he was once as soon as at it, why didn’t he pursue men accountable of incest or monsters accountable of date or statuatory rape?  It is as evident to someone with a pulse that the majority rapists are not carousing the streets of Texas as it is that  Abbot cares no longer anything else about supporting a lady’s basic human correct to keep an eye on her non-public body.

Then there is the little issue of married men raping their other halves, what is continuously known as “”spousal or partner rape.” All of us comprehend it occurs more than most people want to admit. If combating rape is any such really easy process, Abbot has had six long years to hold marital rape to a screeching halt, on the other hand he hasn’t and the reason is utterly clear: because of he is not the least bit all in favour of combating, so much a lot much less fighting, rape of any sort,  

Moreover, if Abbot was once as soon as being sincere, and only a fool believes he’s acutely aware of be honest, then he would have spent a day or so of the former six years combating evangelical preachers from sexually molesting (raping) more youthful girls. Irrespective of the Herculean effort to cover up the clergy’s sexual predation problems, there was once no small collection of research and convictions of Texas religious leaders raping more youthful girls. If Abbot was once as soon as a stand up guy and meant what he said no-one would ever over again see research of Texas pastors being delivered to justice, after the reality, for rape.

Abbot doesn’t care about women or girls being raped, few of the white Republican men attempting to keep an eye on American women do. He has made that abundantly clear right through the closing six years.

Actually, in step with records there are kind of 2,000 unprocessed rape kits sitting idle at the moment. If Abbot cared about rapists being held in charge of their filthy crimes towards humanity, he would have issued an govt order upon being sworn in as Texas governor to straight away get the rape kits processed, transfer hunt down the perpetrators, and take a look at them for rape. On the other hand he didn’t because of getting rid of rapists only entered his ideas when he was once as soon as confronted with the hideous fact about Texas’ ban on abortion.

Area Marketing consultant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made some knowledge by means of dressing down Abbot for his so-called “ignorance” a couple of woman’s natural functions on the subject of copy; the whole thing she said was once as soon as honest-to-dog fact. Then again true her remarks, they lost sight of the aim of this entire issue.

Whether or not or no longer a lady discovers she is pregnant at six days, six weeks or six months, no man has the right kind to keep an eye on whether or not or no longer she carries the fetus to finish time frame – now not her husband, now not her preacher, now not her daddy, now not her brother and under no circumstances the misogynist sitting inside the governor’s mansion. For dog’s sake, Abbot is in his mid-sixties so he at least has a rudimentary figuring out about human copy. He damn sure is acutely aware of it can be initiated by means of a violent sexual assault;  something he claims is illegal on the other hand something he has completed no longer anything else about for six years; along with sitting idly by means of while rape kits sit down down unprocessed.

If Abbot wasn’t a liar, he would man up, stand up, and tell women on national television that he believes they do not have the right kind to keep an eye on their own our our bodies, so much a lot much less their reproductive properly being. In Abbot’s worldview, those rights belong to non secular Republican men and that’s the reason the secondary reasons why there is any kind of assault on a lady’s correct to choose. The primary reasons why, in truth, is that Republican men are at the start misogynist pigs.

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Audio engineer and instructor for SAE. Writes op/ed observation supporting Secular Humanist causes, and exposing suppression of girls, the poor, and minorities. An counsel for freedom of religion and particularly, freedom of NO religion.

Born inside the South, raised inside the Mid-West and California for a well-rounded view of The united states; it doesn’t look excellent.

Former minister, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen-Buddhist.

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