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Until now you had heard or observed motion pictures are visual simplest. I imply that you’ll watch motion pictures and experience.

However , Now you’ll really feel scent of flicks , Now motion pictures are smelable. I imply that if Popcorn’s scene will are available in film you’ll scent ” oh ! That is popcorn, Superior !” .

Now that is conceivable via thoughts of Indian Scientist. At some point he was once considering that ” we will watch motion pictures and really feel actual with 3-D glasses, However I will have to make motion pictures smelable and I can do this ! ” Then he was once doing hardworking in analysis of this. Now he made that conceivable via 3 years of hardworking . In few days he’ll lunch his product in market via a non-public corporate which has purchased rights of this product.

This Indian Scientist has proved that Indian can do anything else and Leader in the back of different scientists.


“Leader in the back of different scientists”

“Proud to be Indian”

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