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Sign up for us on Wednesday, February 2 at midday Pacific for the Floppy Interfacing Hack Chat with Adafruit’s Limor “Ladyada” Fried and Phillip Torrone!

When a tiny fleck of plastic-covered silicon can give sufficient capability to retailer an excellent share of humanity’s gathered wisdom, it’s going to appear to be a waste of time to be playing around with archaic garage era like floppy disks. With a number of orders of magnitude much less garage capability than one thing like even the most affordable SD card or thumb power, and get right of entry to speeds that clock in someplace between chilly molasses and horse and buggy, floppy drives truly don’t appear to be they’ve anywhere at the fashionable hacker’s bench.

join-hack-chatOr do they? Finding out the ins and out of interfacing floppy drives with fashionable microcontrollers is no less than an workout in {hardware} hacking that may pay dividends in different initiatives. A floppy power is, in spite of everything, a horny complicated little instrument, full of electromechanical candies that want to be managed in a microcontroller setting. And teasing information from a movement of magnetic flux adjustments finally ends up wanting some neat hacks that may simply serve you neatly down the road.

So don’t push aside the common-or-garden floppy power as a supply for hacking chances. The oldsters at Adafruit certain haven’t, as they’ve been running diligently to get local floppy disk beef up constructed proper into CircuitPython. To stroll us via how they were given the place they’re now, Ladyada and PT will drop through the Hack Chat. You’ll want to come together with your burning questions about flux transitions, MFM deciphering, interface timing problems, and different arcana of spinning rust drives.

Our Hack Chats are are living group occasions within the Hack Chat team messaging. This week we’ll be sitting down on Wednesday, February 2 at 12:00 PM Pacific time. If time zones have you ever tied up, we have now a to hand time zone converter.

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