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In case you like enjoying Grand Robbery Auto, you’re beautiful aware of squeezing the triggers for accelerating and braking whilst using round. [David Programa] made up our minds this used to be too simple, and as an alternative advanced a device to permit him to pedal his method across the digital global.

The software is determined by a flywheel-based workout motorbike, with six magnets positioned at the flywheel that triggers a reed transfer six occasions in step with rotation. The additional magnets give the device higher answer at sluggish speeds. A Corridor Impact sensor could be a extra dependable option to construct this to continue to exist in the long run, however the reed transfer does paintings. It’s paired with a debounce circuit to stay the output blank. A Raspberry Pi is pressed into provider, operating a Python program to learn a GPIO pin activated through the reed transfer, counting pulses to resolve the velocity of pedalling.

The cause keep an eye on used within the Xbox 360 controller is a potentiometer that creates various voltages relying on its place, permitting it to behave as an analog accelerator enter. 0 volts corresponds to no enter, whilst the cause reads 3.3 volts when totally depressed. The Raspberry Pi emulates this with its PWM output, paired with a low-pass filter out to create the related voltage to inject into the cause enter on a generic Xbox 360 controller.

Whilst it’s so much much less sensible than just the use of a typical controller, the pedal controls do mean you can get a perfect exercise whilst enjoying Grand Robbery Auto. One of the most extra intense chase missions must be an effective way to get your center price up, and that’s were given to be a just right factor.

Paradoxically, regardless that, the device most effective works for automobiles and motorbikes in recreation. The bicycles in Grand Robbery Auto are managed through mashing the A button as an alternative. However, chances are you’ll believe a equivalent device for enjoying Mario Kart at the Nintendo Transfer. Video after the damage.

[Thanks to Zane Atkins for the tip!]

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