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Why will we construct radios or clocks when you’ll be able to purchase them? Why will we make LEDs blink for no obvious goal? Why will we attempt to squeeze one additional body out of our video playing cards? We don’t know why, however we do. That could be the similar angle most of the people would have when studying about esolangs — esoteric programming languages — we don’t know why folks create them or use them, however they do.

We aren’t speaking about mainstream languages that annoy folks like Lisp, Forth, or VBA. We aren’t speaking about older languages that appear cryptic nowadays like APL or Prolog. We’re speaking about languages which might be made to be… neatly… peculiar.


We need to get started in the beginning. INTERCAL. This was once began as a shaggy dog story in 1972 and the acronym is purportedly for Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym. There was once no exact implementation, although, till round 1990. Now there are two: C-INTERCAL and CLC-INTERCAL.

Since INTERCAL is a parody, it makes some very atypical possible choices. For instance, bitwise operators like AND function with two arguments, however one of the most arguments is reversed. This is, the highest bit of 1 operand suits the ground little bit of the second one operand. In a nod to social conference, there’s a modifier referred to as PLEASE that you simply will have to once in a while use when, for instance, studying information as in “PLEASE READ IN.” In the event you don’t use it frequently sufficient, the collect will fail caution you that this system is insufficiently well mannered. Then again, in case you use it too frequently, you’ll additionally get an error that your program is excessively well mannered.

Initially, the implementation used EBCDIC, so it makes use of some characters that don’t seem on typical 7-bit ASCII programs. This compelled some persona substitutions and now, with Unicode, some variations will permit the old-style characters in case you choose them. The INTERCAL guide renames just about all of the particular characters for additional confusion. A unmarried quote is a “spark” and the equivalent signal is a “half-mesh”. Best the ampersand stays unscathed.

Wish to know extra? Watch out what you want for.

FALSE and Brainf**okay

Speedy ahead to 1993 to the start of FALSE, a stack language made to be unreadable. As a comfort, the compiler handiest wanted 1,024 bytes. This impressed an much more minimum language, Brainf**okay. There are handiest 8 characters wanted in a BF program.

Brainf**okay has spawned numerous equivalent languages like Befunge and JSF**okay. In the event you’ve heard of just one language on this put up, it was once most certainly this one.

What does it seem like? From the esoteric language Wiki:


That’s Hi International, through the way in which!

Binary Combinatory Good judgment and Unlambda

We as soon as knew a school professor who used to mention “maximize the boolean variable” when he intended “set the bit to at least one.” We expect he’d like BCL. If you wish to specific true in BCL, you write Ok(KK). False? Ok(Ok(SK)). It will get worse from there. Right here’s XOR: S(S(S(SS)(S(S(SK)))S))Ok.

Then again, that is binary, so S is in point of fact 01 and Ok is 00 and the left parenthesis is a unmarried 1. Tremendous peculiar and it seems that has some utility in some theoretical math research.

There are a number of variations of this, all rather other. Unlambda, for instance, makes use of numerous other characters. Right here’s a “cat” program in Unlambda:



Maximum programming languages don’t care about white house and you’ll be able to use it liberally or now not. This is, in C you’ll be able to write:



x = 10



The compiler doesn’t care. Python is other. Indentation ranges topic. Whitespace takes that to the intense. All of the program is written in tab, house, and linefeed, and the whole thing is overlooked. That can appear atypical, however curiously it permits you to cover a program within some other program — so long as it isn’t a Python program.

The primary whitespace persona tells you what the following one method. For instance, all glide regulate sequences get started with a linefeed. Stack manipulation begins with an area. A tab and a linefeed introduce I/O operations. A tab and an area is for math and two tabs set up heap get entry to.

Even numbers are in binary the place an area is certain, a tab is unfavorable. After that, an area is 0 and a tab is 1.


Whilst whitespace is perhaps even much less understandable than Brainf**okay, some languages attempt to imitate explicit readable issues. Living proof: LOLCODE which has techniques that fit up with LOLCAT meme captions. It appears, LOLCATs have been the primary reason why the Web was once invented, in spite of everything.

Why will we suppose cats communicate like this? We aren’t positive, however we’ve got a sense the narrative within an actual cat’s mind is extra like, “It’s no doubt onerous to search out just right servants nowadays!” The traditional Egyptians worshipped cats and cats have now not forgotten this.

Right here’s a program to depend to ten:

HAI 1.3


Perhaps you aren’t partial to LOLCATs however you favor rock tune. Smartly, then, Rockstar is the programming language for you. Variable names will also be virtually anything else and knowledge have varieties like “mysterious.”

We suppose that to be a just right coder on this language you want to develop your hair out, mumble, and personal a minimum of one article of clothes fabricated from spandex. Come to consider it, that describes slightly a couple of programmers we all know.

Some of the artful issues it does, numbers are expressed within the duration of phrases, and plenty of programming constructs have “glaring” English-language correlates. So “Hate is water” assigns 5 to the variable “Hate”.

Right here’s Fizbuzz written in Rockstar:

Middle of the night takes your center and your soul
Whilst your center is as prime as your soul
Put your center with out your soul into your center

Give again your center

Need is a lovestruck ladykiller
My international is not anything 
Hearth is ice
Hate is water
Till my international is Need,
Construct my international up
If Middle of the night taking my international, Hearth is not anything and Middle of the night taking my international, Hate is not anything
Shout "FizzBuzz!"
Take it to the highest

If Middle of the night taking my international, Hearth is not anything
Shout "Fizz!"
Take it to the highest

If Middle of the night taking my international, Hate is not anything
Say "Buzz!"
Take it to the highest

Whisper my international


If rock tune is just too pedestrian for you, there’s at all times SPL, the Shakespeare Programming Language. Just like the bard, the programming language isn’t identified for its economic system of phrases.

Numbers are particularly difficult in SPL. Nouns have a worth of -1 or 1 relying on how great they’re (e.g., bushes and plant life are 1 whilst pigs are -1). Adjectives multiply through 2. So “mendacity silly fatherless giant pungent half-witted coward” is -1 (coward) * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 = -64.

Across the Hackaday watercooler, we’ve thought of writing a brand new model of this language the place all techniques are within the type of a dialog between the bard and Sir Francis William Maxwell Aitken. We’ll name it Shake ‘n Bake.

Right here’s simply a part of the 89-line Hi International script — er — program:

The Notorious Hi International Program.

Romeo, a tender guy with a outstanding endurance.
Juliet, a likewise younger girl of exceptional grace.
Ophelia, a outstanding girl a lot in dispute with Hamlet.
Hamlet, the flatterer of Andersen Insulting A/S.

Act I: Hamlet's insults and flattery.

Scene I: The insulting of Romeo.

[Enter Hamlet and Romeo]

You mendacity silly fatherless giant pungent half-witted coward!
You're as silly as the variation between a good-looking wealthy courageous
hero and thyself! Talk your thoughts!

You're as courageous because the sum of your fats little filled misused dusty
outdated rotten codpiece and a stupendous truthful heat non violent sunny summer season's
day. You're as wholesome as the variation between the sum of the
sweetest reddest rose and my father and your self! Talk your thoughts!

You're as cowardly because the sum of your self and the variation
between a large mighty proud kingdom and a horse. Talk your thoughts.

Talk your thoughts!

[Exit Romeo]

Scene II: The praising of Juliet.

[Enter Juliet]

Thou artwork as candy because the sum of the sum of Romeo and his horse and his
black cat! Talk thy thoughts!


Malbolge was once designed to be tough to make use of. Reportedly, the primary program to print hi international required some other pc program to look all of the imaginable techniques till it discovered the fitting collection. In the event you don’t acknowledge the reference, Malbolge is a misspelling of Malebolge, the eighth circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno.

Malbolge makes use of a base-three digital device. There are just a few directions together with rotate proper and the “loopy” operation that adjustments bits in some way outlined in a desk and — so far as we will be able to inform — has no relation to any standard math operation, and is largely encryption. Malbolge is so terrible that there are some makes an attempt like Dis had been made to be “rather much less evil.”


Have you ever ever spotted how in science fiction films, extraterrestrial beings virtually at all times keep up a correspondence the usage of some roughly sound we will be able to listen? They both discuss English or they discuss one thing that feels like Andy Kaufmann doing a personality. You infrequently see extraterrestrial beings that flash lighting fixtures, emit pheromones, or beam low-frequency radio waves to keep up a correspondence. All of the languages in this checklist use characters of a few kind both as numbers, symbols, or phrases. Excluding for Piet. Piet techniques are summary artwork of the kind created through Piet Mondrian.

A unmarried unit of code is a codel and blocks of codels have the similar colour. The “program counter” can transfer in two dimensions, in fact. If Piet interpreted, for instance, pink as upload and inexperienced as leap then it might be some other type of symbols. However that’s now not the way it works. As a substitute, the interpreter appears to be like on the trade in hue and depth between colours. So one step in hue and no trade in lightness is an upload operation. But when the colour adjustments darker, that’s subtract. Right here’s hi international in Piet. Don’t ask us to provide an explanation for it!

Why? Why?

It isn’t value questioning why folks create or use those languages. Why do folks purchase puppy rocks? Why do folks accumulate postage stamps? They simply do. Nonetheless, studying somewhat about the sort of quirky languages can push you from your convenience zone and that’s now not at all times a nasty factor. But even so, numerous folks would say writing meeting for a PIC or AVR is handiest rather much less cryptic than Malbolge and plenty of Hackaday readers do this.

As for us, we’ll stick to simpler programming languages. Forth turns out cryptic, however is superb and will create very legible techniques within the fingers of a professional. We do, on the other hand, every now and then dive into those languages for amusing.

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