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Every other folks check out specifications as a requirement, and others check out them as an issue. You’re learning this on Hackaday, so you know where [Necroware] falls. Inside the video beneath the break, you’ll see how he is taking a no longer strange mid-to-late 90’s motherboard and takes it way past its spec sheet.

A pull up resistor enables faster clock multipliers
[Necroware] does what all soldering iron ads suppose folks do with soldering irons

Having already started with converting the Exact Time Clock at the side of his non-public advent, [Necroware] seemed for various choices to make the Asus P/I-P55TP4XEG additional capable than Asus did. And, he succeeded. Working out that the motherboard has the ability to have an external voltage regulator board, [Necroware] made one so that the Socket 7 board might simply supply more than a single voltage to the CPU- the very issue holding him from upgrading from a Pentium 133 to a Pentium MMX 200.

While the support used to be as soon as partially a success, a deep dive into the Socket 7 and Super Socket 7 documentation helped him realize the desire for a pullup resistor on a strategic clocking pin. Then, [Necroware] went entire Turbo and smashed this writer’s favorite single core CPU of all time into the socket: the AMD K6-2 450, a CPU well past the original purposes of the board.

It actually goes to show that, in any case, It’s All About The Pentiums. Because of [BaldPower] for the doing the regarded as vital and losing this great hack into the Tip Line!

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