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Did you ever see one of those motion pictures that causes you to try an regularly object in a brand spanking new delicate? This is one of those motion pictures (embedded underneath). And by accident for us, there’s a write-up to go along with it for those who don’t at all times understand what’s happening.

In this case, what’s happening is that [AMbros Custom] is masterfully turning a stainless-steel M20 bolt proper right into a pneumatic engraving tool. Yeah, you be informed that appropriately. Alternatively necessarily essentially the most superb issue about this hack is the minimum of substances used to do it. For one thing, there’s now not a lathe in sight — [AMbros Custom] merely chucked it into the drill or added a few nuts and clamped it in a vise.

So, how does it artwork? [AMbros Custom] hooks it up to a compressor, which causes the piston inside to go up and down, agitating the engraving bit. When you don’t need to watch the video, there are a ton of assemble photos inside the write-up.

What else can you do with a bolt? When you’ve got the equipment, you are able to do lots. You wish to have to even turn one proper right into a secret cash stash for buying further massive bolts.

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