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Which hacking equipment aren’t bizarre? How do I give protection to myself from attacks? Can i hack myself? And is that even jail? The c’t magazine simply in recent times tried hacking equipment to explain the ones questions. The editors Alexander Königstein and Ronald Eikenberg will share the information they have gathered with the Reddit group of workers on Thursday, December 2nd, as part of the “Request from me The remaining” (AMA) questionnaire.

The AMA takes place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. inside the subreddit r / de_EDV as a substitute of. That’s the largest German-speaking group of workers on Reddit that gives with IT topics and helps customers with technical problems.

If you want to have, you are able to ask the editors questions prematurely inside the AMA Put up as briefly given that put up is online (spherical 3 p.m.). All questions and answers it is going to be retained even after the development has ended and can be be told there.

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  • Announcement of the c’t-AMA im Subreddit r / de_EDV
  • Link to the AMA (it is going to be added as briefly given that AMA-Put up is online on December 2nd spherical 3 p.m.

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More from c't magazine

More from c't magazine

More from c't magazine


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