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This Python script can be utilized to bypass IP supply restrictions utilizing HTTP headers.



$ ./ -h
[~] IP supply bypass utilizing HTTP headers, v1.1

utilization: [-h] [-v] -i IP [-t THREADS] [-x PROXY] [-k] [-L] [-j JSONFILE] url

This Python script can be utilized to check for IP supply bypass utilizing HTTP headers

positional arguments:
url e.g.

non-compulsory arguments:
-h, --help present this assist message and exit
-v, --verbose arg1 assist message
-i IP, --ip IP IP to spoof.
-t THREADS, --threads THREADS
Variety of threads (default: 5)
-x PROXY, --proxy PROXY
Specify a proxy to make use of for requests (e.g., http://localhost:8080)
-k, --insecure Permit insecure server connections when utilizing SSL (default: False)
-L, --location Comply with redirects (default: False)
-j JSONFI LE, --jsonfile JSONFILE
Save outcomes to specified JSON file.

Auto-detecting responses that stands out

Outcomes are sorted by uniqueness of their response’s size. Which means the outcomes with distinctive response size might be on prime, and outcomes with response’s size occurring a number of occasions on the backside:

Two totally different outcome lengths4 totally different outcome lengths


Pull requests are welcome. Be at liberty to open a difficulty if you wish to add different options.

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