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Spray365 is a password spraying instrument that identifies legitimate credentials for Microsoft accounts (Place of job 365 / Azure AD). How is Spray365 other from the numerous different password spraying gear which can be already to be had? Spray365 allows passwords to be sprayed from an “execution plan”. Whilst having a pre-generated execution plan that describe the spraying operation neatly ahead of it happens has many different advantages that Spray365 leverages, this additionally lets in password sprays to be resumed (-R possibility) after a community error or different interruption. Whilst it’s highest to generate a Spray365 execution plan the usage of Spray365 at once, different gear that produce a appropriate JSON construction make it simple to construct distinctive password spraying workflows.

Spray365 exposes a couple of choices which can be helpful when spraying credentials. Random consumer brokers can be utilized to hit upon and bypass insecure conditional get admission to insurance policies which can be configured to restrict the kinds of allowed gadgets. In a similar way, the --shuffle_auth_order argument is an effective way to spray credentials in a less-predictable method. This selection used to be added in an try to bypass clever account lockouts (e.g., Azure Sensible Lockout). Whilst it’s no longer best, randomizing the order during which credentials are tried produce other advantages too, like making the detection of those spraying operations much more tricky. Spray365 additionally helps proxying visitors over HTTP/HTTPS, which integrates neatly with different gear like Burp Suite for manipulating the supply of the spraying operation.

Producing an Execution Plan (Step 1)


Spraying Credentials with an Execution Plan (Step 2)


Getting Began

Set up

Clone the repository, set up the specified Python applications, and run Spray365!

$ git clone
$ cd Spray365
~/Spray365$ pip3 set up -r necessities.txt
~/Spray365$ python3


Generate an Execution Plan

An execution plan is had to spray credentials, so we want to create one! Spray365 can generate its personal execution plan by way of operating it in “generate” (-g) mode.

<div magnificence=”spotlight highlight-source-shell position-relative overflow-auto” data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content=”$ python3 -g -d -u -pf “>

$ python3 -g <path_for_saved_execution_plan> -d <domain_name> -u <file_containing_usernames> -pf <file_containing_passwords>


As soon as an execution plan is to be had, Spray365 can be utilized to procedure it. Working Spray365 in “spray” (-s) mode will procedure the required execution plan and spray the proper credentials.

<div magnificence=”spotlight highlight-source-shell position-relative overflow-auto” data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content=”$ python3 -s “>

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