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Press play for the main episode as host Aryeh Goretsky is joined via Zuzana Hromcová to discuss native IIS malware

Did you ever wonder why researchers behind a cybersecurity discovery decided on to move down that exact rabbit hole? What made them desirous about that exact malware family, variant, or advertising and marketing marketing campaign? Did they come up with a decided on establish for that malware inside the tub, on a run, or just used the first thing inside the code that hit them?

Any further, we can offer answers to those and loads of other questions in our emblem new ESET Research podcast – because of there’s at all times additional to ESET research stories than what made it into the paper or blogpost.

So be it the broader context of an attack, some obscure artifact found out in every single place analysis, or an inkling that lit a spark and led to a deeper dig inside the malware, our host and ESET Distinguished Researcher Aryeh Goretsky will mine for it in his interviews with ESET researchers.

There will likely be a brand spanking new episode each and every time we put up primary research, which generally happens quite a lot of circumstances a one year.

Our first episode makes a speciality of native IIS (Internet Knowledge Products and services and merchandise) malware – a threat that has been lurking inside the shadows of public-facing servers since 2013, however is just about invisible to their admins along with other defenders. Take note of the fascinating journey of ESET malware researcher Zuzana Hromcová, who co-authored a entire knowledge describing 14 IIS malware families found out inside the wild, used by each and every crimeware and APT threat actors.

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