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A sixth member associated with an international hacking team of workers known as The Team has been sentenced in connection with a multimillion-dollar SIM swapping conspiracy, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) said.

Garrett Endicott, 22, from the U.S. state of Missouri, who pleaded in fee to charges of twine fraud and pissed off identity theft following an indictment in 2019, used to be as soon as sentenced to 10 months in prison and ordered to pay an amount totaling $121,549.37 in restitution.

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SIM swapping, steadily referred to as SIM hijacking, refers to an identity theft scheme in which malicious occasions persuade phone carriers into porting their victims’ mobile services and products and merchandise to SIM enjoying playing cards beneath their control, steadily facilitated by way of bribing an employee of a mobile phone provider or by way of contacting the provider provider’s purchaser strengthen by way of posing since the victim and requesting that the phone amount be swapped to a SIM card operated by way of the crowd.

The aim is to leverage the phone numbers as a gateway to hijack different online services and products and merchandise used by the goals, akin to e-mail, cloud storage, and cryptocurrency exchange accounts, by way of resetting their passwords and one-time verification codes which may well be sent by way of SMS messages as part of the two-factor authentication (2FA) process, enabling the cybercrime team of workers to keep away from security measures.

“Folks of The Team engaged in Sim Hijacking to steal cryptocurrency from victims across the country, in conjunction with California, Missouri, Michigan, Utah, Texas, New York, and Illinois,” the DoJ said, resulting inside the theft of cryptocurrency valued, at the time of the theft, ranging anywhere between $2,000 to larger than $5 million, from different affected occasions.

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Endicott may be the sixth and the remainder of the crowd people from the case to be sentenced between two to 4 years in prison, in conjunction with 4 folks inside the U.S. and one in Ireland — Ricky Handschumacher (28), Colton Jurisic (22), Reyad Gafar Abbas (22), Conor Freeman (22), and Ryan Stevenson (29).

“The actions of the ones defendants resulted inside the loss of loads of 1000’s of dollars to the victims, a couple of of whom out of place their entire retirement monetary financial savings,” said Acting U.S. Legal professional Saima Mohsin for the Eastern District of Michigan. “This case will have to serve as a reminder to all other people to give protection to our private and fiscal wisdom from those who seek to steal it.”

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