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A customizable, easy-to-navigate instrument for researching, pen testing, and protective with the power of Shodan.

With ShonyDanza, you are able to:


git clone

Must haves

cd ShonyDanza
pip3 arrange -r must haves.txt


Edit to include your desired configurations
cd configs
sudo nano

#config file for shonydanza searches

#maximum collection of results that may be returned consistent with search
#default is 100


#IPs exceeding the honeyscore restrict isn't going to show up in IP results
#scale is 0.0 to at least one.0
#modify to desired likelihood to restrict results via threshold, or keep at 1.0 to include all results


#REQUIRED - no less than one key: value pair
#add a shodan dork to the dictionary underneath as a way to upload it in your shonydanza stock searches menu
#see for a super provide of queries
#check into "vuln:" filter if in case you have Small Business Plan or higher (e.g., vuln:cve-2019-11510)

'ANONYMOUS_FTP':'ftp anonymous good enough',
'RDP':'port:3389 has_screenshot:true',
'OPEN_TELNET':'port:23 console gateway -password',
'APACHE_DIR_LIST':'http.title:"Index of / "',
'HP_PRINTERS':'"Serial Amount:" "Built:" "Server: HP HTTP"',
'DOCKER_API':'"Docker Bins:" port:2375',
'ANDROID_ROOT_BRIDGE':'"Android Debug Bridge" "Software" port:5555',
'MONGO_EXPRESS_GUI':'"Set-Cookie: mongo-express=" "200 OK"',
'CVE-2019-19781_CITRIX_NETSCALER':'http.waf:"Citrix NetScaler"',
'CVE-2020-5902_F5_BIGIP':'http.favicon.hash:-335242539 "3992"',
'CVE-2020-3452_CISCO_ASA_FTD':'200 "Set-Cookie: webvpn;"'

#IP or cidr range constraint for searches that return checklist of IP addresses
#use comma-separated checklist to designate a few (e.g.,,,


cd ../

See this how-to article for added usage instruction.

Jail Disclaimer

This enterprise is made for tutorial and ethical testing purposes best possible. Usage of ShonyDanza for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is prohibited. It is the end client’s accountability to obey all suitable local, state and federal regulations. Developers assume no felony accountability and are not accountable for any misuse or hurt resulted in via this program.

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