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Internet Carrier write in Python for control and offer protection to your android software remotely. 

The primary price app may also be came upon at the PlayStore:


Nanobrok-Server is robust opensource webservice for control and offer protection to your android software, written in Python, that permit and be offering a cast and coverage connection together with your android software for offer protection to , control remotely.

Number one Possible choices

  • Maps the positioning of your software
  • Alert flag (Have compatibility it’s misplaced or stolen)
  • Recorder Audio Mic
  • A long way off Report Switch [PRO]
  • Team scanner [PRO]
  • and further!

Security features

We carried out some security measures for take a look at offer protection to your a ways off server. However take into account that no manner of transmission over the web, or manner of digital garage is 100% safe and constant, and I will not be sure that its absolute coverage.

  • CSRF token
  • Signal-in check out block prohibit
  • X-Body-Choices
  • An similar beginning coverage (SOP)
  • CORS flask implementation
  • HTTPS energy redirect
  • API Header X-CSRFToken
  • Self Signed Certificates (CA)

we’re always having a look to enforce security measures.

Supported platforms

  • Python: you need Python 3.7 or later to run Nanobrok-Server.

  • You are able to run localhost, VPS or as heroku app.

  • Running Software:

    • a contemporary taste of Linux (we examined on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS);
    • please understand: Space house home windows is supported (used to be as soon as no longer examined on the other hand)

Prepare & Documentation

Be told further about the usage of wiki


See for a way you’ll be able to be in agreement out.

body of workers

on discord:


Nanobrok is approved beneath the Apche 2.0.

Made with by the use of P0cL4bs Personnel

Supply : KitPloit – PenTest Gear!

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