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New to the worm bounty and puzzled about the place to begin? Concern no longer! This reconnaissance for worm bounty hunters guides you to take step one in worm bounty taking a look.

Reconnaissance is the preliminary step in every penetration check, worm bounty, or moral hacking. This step targets to collect the objective’s knowledge publicly to be had on the internet.

Publicly to be had knowledge provides technical information about the crowd construction and strategies. On the other hand, it additionally contains details about body of workers and the company that could be precious later throughout the assault.

Two kinds of cyber reconnaissance are:

  • Passive Knowledge Accumulating
  • Full of life Knowledge Accumulating

Let’s profit from some appropriate gear and obtain the sufferer’s knowledge passively first. The gear I will be able to use to gather sufferer’s knowledge it is going to most likely be:

  • Passive Recon Equipment
    • Google Dork
    • Netcraft
    • WHOIS
    • Social Media
  • Full of life Recon Equipment

The above-mentioned gear don’t seem to be the one gear; there are lots of gear to be had for knowledge gathering which you’ll be able to profit from.

Passive Knowledge Accumulating

Passive recon is gathering the sufferer’s knowledge with out immediately interfering with him, and the objective has no method of understanding we’re collecting knowledge on them. It is dependent upon public resources (Open-Supply Intelligence OSINT) that come with knowledge in regards to the sufferer.

OSINT is helping to collect:

  • IP addresses
  • Domains
  • Email correspondence addresses
  • Hostnames
  • DNS wisdom and so on.

Google Dorking

Fewer persons are aware that Google provides a variety of distinctive key phrases and operators that may have the same opinion us retrieve extremely particular knowledge from their large database.

As an attacker, the Google database would in all probability supply an important trust into conceivable sufferers.

Correct proper right here, I’m the use of the “cache” key phrase to show the cached taste of the sufferer’s web internet web page.

I’m the use of the underneath command with other key phrases if I want an Excel spreadsheet with e-mail accounts.

filetype:xls inurl:e-mail.xlsv

Netcraft Tool

With the Netcraft instrument, I’m able to gain the crowd’s IP vary, its title server, house title, and web web site website hosting historical past, and so on.


WHOIS instrument helped me to collect the crowd’s IP location, ASN quantity, standard pictures/hyperlinks used everywhere the crowd’s web internet web page, and so on.


Social Media OSINT

It is one of the social media the place I’m able to to find the deputy director’s knowledge of the centered staff. You’ll be able to use different social media platforms as smartly to collect the tips of the crowd’s workforce.

Full of life Knowledge Accumulating

Full of life recon is immediately interfering with the sufferer’s device. It will neatly come throughout knowledge like,

  • Ports and products and services
  • a pc’s OS taste
  • vigorous processes
  • banner grab
  • host discovery
  • discovering prone apps on a server, and so on.

A very powerful downside of vigorous reconnaissance over passive reconnaissance is that direct interference with the sufferer might turn on the instrument’s IDS/IPS, notifying others of the intruder’s presence.

Nmap Command

Nmap instrument pulled out the device wisdom like ports state (open or shut), products and services running heading in the right direction’s device, port numbers, filtered ports, and so on.

Dig Command

With the assistance of the Dig command, I were given to seize the kind of DNS report (i.e., Care for report) running on our objective’s server.

Gobuster Tool

The entire instrument Gobuster attempted to appear out the directories and sub-directories of the objective’s web internet web page.

In Nutshell

After gathering all of the essential main points associated with the objective, we’re in a position to assault. Always create a mind-map whilst gathering the ideas, on account of it is helping on the lead to attacking.

Harvest the ideas, evaluate it, assault!

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