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Hyenae NG (Subsequent Technology) is a re-write of the unique Hyenae tool which
was once once firstly printed yet again right through the 300 and sixty 5 days 2010.

But even so switching from C to C++, the usage of trendy design ideas, Hyenae NG was once once
(similar to the unique Hyenae) written with most portability in concepts.
Given that authentic Hyenae had an excessively subtle command line syntax Hyenae NG
comes with a at hand information a coarse and intuitively usable command line menu that can permit
you to successfully get ready even subtle stress-tests or assault eventualities
inside seconds.


Copyright (C) 2020 Robin Richter


  • Utterly customizable and combinable knowledge turbines:
    • Ethernet-Layer
    • ARP-Layer
    • IPv4-Layer
    • IPv6-Layer
    • ICMPv4-Layer
    • ICMPv6-Layer
    • TCP-Layer
    • UDP-Layer
    • Textual content-Buffer
  • Fastened or Random Ship Lengthen
  • Development based totally deal with randomization
  • Blank and simple to make use of command line menu (No RTFM’ing required;))
  • Platform Independent


  • ARP-Request flooding (DoS)
  • ARP-Cache poisoning (MITM)
  • ICMP-Echo flooding (DoS)
  • ICMP-Smurf assault (DoS)
  • TCP-SYN flooding (DoS)
  • TCP-Land assault (DoS)
  • Blind TCP-Connection reset (DoS)
  • UDP flooding (DoS)
  • and a lot of additional…

Drawback Goals

The unique Hyenae enterprise began out as a learn about of group stack
implementations alternatively then briefly won additional subtle possible choices very similar to a
far flung daemon and an assault asistent. Despite the fact that it was once once widely authorized and is
alternatively an excessively frequently used tool in todays pen-testing workflows it has a
subtle command line syntax and calls for some coaching and analysis so as
for use as it should be.

With Hyenae NG i need to give you the complexity and felxibility of
Hyenae in a blank and simple to make use of command line tool which can also be immediately
used with none futher analysis at the command line arguments to move for
the fitting eventualities.


Whilst you like this enterprise and need to give a contribution to it (wherein manner
ever), feel free to take action by way of my GitHub web internet web page or by the use of contacting me without delay.
Growth concepts and insect evaluations are very welcomed.

Fundamental Utilization

Whilst you get started Hyenae NG, it’s going to input the principle menu state. From correct proper right here you are able to
get ready your required output, generator and dispatcher configuration.

  • Output Setup
    The output setup suggest you’ll be able to be in a position to choose between a lot of other output possibility. You
    can every have Hyenae NG’s output overlook about by the use of settling on “No Output” our you
    may have it ship to every a file or an area adapter. After you have
    decided on an output, you are able to input it is sub setup by the use of settling on it another time by the use of
    every entering it is menu merchandise quantity another time or by the use of merely urgent input.
    Outputs that experience a sub-setup are marked with a (…) as soon as they’re
    decided on.

  • Generator Setup
    The generator setup suggest you are able to made up our minds on from a lot of other turbines. Maximum
    turbines supply a payload possibility for which you are able to select every other
    generator and so forth. Since group body turbines are nested in supply
    layers, their to be had payload turbines will vary in step with the
    prior to now made up our minds on body generator. This is an instance of a standard
    payload nesting for an ethernet packet:

    Ethernet +-> ARP
    +-> IPv4 +-> ICMPv4 -> ICMP Echo Payload
    | +-> TCP
    | +-> UDP
    | +-> ...
    +-> IPv6 +-> ICMPv4 -> ICMP Echo Payload
    +-> ICMPv6 -> ICMP Echo Payload
    +-> TCP
    +-> UPD
    +-> ...
  • Dispatcher Setup
    The dispatcher setup will suggest you are able to get ready the real knowledge dispatcher. You
    can outline stop-limits or configure a troublesome and fast or random ship extend so as
    to damage flood detection mechanisms to your serve as device.

    It’s reccomended to make use of a troublesome and fast ship extend of no less than 100 ms on low
    spec tactics such because the GPD Pocket 2 in an effort to save you key-press
    detection problems.

  • Get started Dispatcher
    After you have set a generator, you are able to select this solution to get started up the
    dispatcher and get started sending packets. In case you don’t have any longer set a generator alternatively,
    an error message may well be showed instead. The dispatcher will perform till
    every a stop-limit (if set) is reached or the shopper presses any key. After
    the dispatcher has stopped you are able to every go back to the principle menu by the use of
    entering 0 or get started it another time by the use of every entering 1 or just urgent input.

Generator Patterns

A lot of packet generator parameters very similar to for address-, port- and number-
fields can also be offering with a generator construction. Those patterns may well be used
in an effort to generate a brand new price on every new packet. Listed here are some examples
of a couple of basic patterns:

  • Random 5-digit quantity:

  • Incremental 3-digit quantity:

  • Decremental 2-digit quantity:

  • Random quantity between 100 and 190:

  • Incremental quantity from 1 to 991:

  • Decremental quantity from 299 to 200:

  • Random IPv4 deal with between .200 and .255:**

  • Incremental MAC deal with between :00 and :FF:

  • Decremental IPv6 deal with between :FFFF and :FF00:

Configuration Report

When Hyenae NG is began it’s going to search for a configuration file named
“hyenae.conf” in it is startup folder. If the file does no longer exist it’s going to
automatically create it.

If the configuration file cannot be parsed, Hyenae NG will give out an
error message, soliciting so to every repair or delete the configuration

  • Frontend Phase

    • terminal_colors
      If set to “on” (default), Hyenae will use ANSI terminal colours so as
      to make stronger it is shopper interface. If for some causes the terminal you
      are the usage of does no longer beef up ANSI colours, you’ll have to set this to “off”.

    • line_chars
      If set to “on” (default) hyenae will use specific line characters for
      it is menu separators (In ASCII on Space house home windows and UniCode on *nix based totally
      tactics). In case you are encountering any extraordinary separator outputs, you
      should set this to “off”.


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