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This mission is born with the purpose to increase a light-weight, however useful tool. The reason being that the prevailing hex editors have another barriers (e.g. too many dependencies, lacking hex coloring possible choices, and so on.).


This mission is consistent with qhexedit2, capstone and keystone engines. New possible choices could be added in the future, PRs are welcomed.


  • Chunks loader – Used to load just a portion of enormous recordsdata with out exhaust the reminiscence (use alt + left/proper arrows to transport amongst chunks). Please word that during bite mode, all of the operations (e.g. seek) applies simplest to the present bite except for for file save (all of the file is stored). Alternatively, every time you edit a little bit of, reserve it earlier than to transport to a few other bite, otherwise you’ll be able to lose your adjustments.
  • Seek and trade (UTF-8, HEX, regex, opposite seek supported) [CTRL + F]
  • Coloured output (white areas, ASCII characters, 0xFF, UTF-8 and NULL bytes have other colours)
  • Interpret decided on bytes as integer, lengthy, unsigned lengthy [CTRL + B]
  • Copy & Paste [CTRL + C and CTRL + V]
  • Copy decided on unicode characters [CTRL + Space]
  • Zeroing all of the decided on bytes [Delete or CTRL + D]
  • Undo & Redo [CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y]
  • Drag & Drop (Trace: Drag&Drop two recordsdata to diff them)
  • Overwrite the equivalent file or create a brand new one [CTRL + S]
  • Goto offset [CTRL + G]
  • Insert mode supported so as to insert new bytes as a substitute to overwrite the prevailing one [INS]
  • Create new instances [CTRL + N]
  • Basic textual content viewer for the chosen textual content [CTRL + T]
  • Reload the present file [F5]
  • Evaluate two other recordsdata at byte degree
  • Browsable Binary Chart (see later for main points) [F1]
  • Hex – Dec quantity converter [F2]
  • Hex String escaper (e.g from 010203 to x01x02x03) [F3]
  • Trend Matching Engine (see later for main points)
  • Disassebler consistent with Capstone Engine [F4]
  • Assembler consistent with Keystone Engine [F4]
  • Zoom-Out/Zoom-In bytes view (CTRL + Up/Down or CTRL + -/+)
  • Shortcuts for all these possible choices

Trend Matching Engine

Fhex can load at startup a configuration file (from ~/fhex/config.json) in JSON building with a list of strings or bytes to be aware of and a statement/label so as to add in the case of the fits.


"string" : "://www.",
"color" : "rgba(250,200,200,50)",
"message" : "Found url"
"bytes" : "414243",
"color" : "rgba(250,200,200,50)",
"message" : "Found ABC"

To turn on development matching press CTRL + P
On the finish, Fhex will display additionally an offset checklist with all of the end finish outcome references.
Apply: Labels with feedback are added provided that the window is maximized, if labels are not displayed as it should be please attempt to run development matching once more.

Binary Chart

Fhex has the serve as to chart the loaded binary file (Apply: To be able to gain the mission, now you need additionally qt5-charts put in at the device).
The y-axis vary is between 0 and 255 (in hex 0x0 and 0xff, i.e. the byte values). The x-axis vary is between 0 and the filesize.

The chart plots the byte values of the binary file and permit you to focal point simplest at the similar sections. For example, if in a binary file there’s a space full of null bytes, you’ll be able to simply come across it from the chart.



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