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Ddosify - High-performance load testing tool quick start

DockerHomebrew Faucet, and downloadable pre-compiled binaries from the releases web internet web page for macOS, Linux and Area house home windows.

curl -sSfL | sh


-tPurpose web site URL. Instance: https://ddosify.comstringCertain
-nCommon request dependint100No
-dCheck out length in seconds.int10No
-pProtocol of the request. Supported protocols are HTTP, HTTPS. HTTP/2 enhance is best to be had by the use of the usage of a config file as described. Additional protocols will also be added.stringHTTPSNo
-mRequest method. To be had strategies for HTTP(s) are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, UPDATE, PATCHstringGETNo
-bThe payload of the gang packet. AKA frame for the HTTP.stringNo
-aFundamental authentication. Utilization: -a username:passwordstringNo
-hHeaders of the request. You’ll be able to supply a couple of headers with a couple of -h flag.stringNo
-TTimeout of the request in seconds.int5No
-PProxy take care of as host:port. -P http://client:[email protected]'stringNo
-oCheck out outcome output vacation spot. Different output sorts will also be added.stringstdoutNo
-lKind of the weight take a look at. Ddosify helps 3 load sorts.stringlinearNo
-configConfig File of the weight take a look at.stringNo
-versionPrints edition, git commit, constructed date (utc), move data and give upNo

linear load

Understand: If the request depend is just too low for the given length, the take a look at may well be completed previous than you are expecting.

incremental load

waved load

config_examples/config.json. This file incorporates all the parameters you’ll be able to use. Main points of each parameter;

  • request_count no longer necessary

    That is the an an similar of the -n flag. The variation is that if when you have a couple of steps in your situation, this worth represents the iteration depend of the stairs.

  • load_type no longer necessary

    That is the an an similar of the -l flag.

  • length no longer necessary

    That is the an an similar of the -d flag.

  • proxy no longer necessary

    That is the an an similar of the -P flag.

  • output no longer necessary

    That is the an an similar of the -o flag.

  • steps necessary

    This parameter lets you create your situation. Ddosify runs the equipped steps, respectively. For the given instance file step id: 2 will also be completed immediately after the reaction of step id: 1 is won. The order of the execution is equal to the order of the stairs all through the config file.

    Main points of each parameter for a step;

    • id necessary

      Every step must have a singular integer id.

    • url necessary

      That is the an an similar of the -t flag.

    • protocol no longer necessary

      That is the an an similar of the -p flag.

    • method no longer necessary

      That is the an an similar of the -m flag.

    • headers no longer necessary

      Tick list of headers with key:worth development.

    • payload no longer necessary

      That is the an an similar of the -b flag.

    • payload_file no longer necessary

      If you wish to have an extended payload, we suggest the usage of this parameter instead of payload.

    • auth no longer necessary

      Fundamental authentication.

      "auth": {
          "username": "test_user",
          "password": "12345"
    • others no longer necessary

      This parameter accepts dynamic key: worth pairs to configure connection main points of the protocol in use.

      "others": {
          "keep-alive": true,              // Default false
          "disable-compression": false,    // Default true
          "h2": true,                      // We could in HTTP/2. Default false.
          "disable-redirect": true         // Default false

Discord Server for problems, function requests, feedbacks or anything.

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