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Vimana is a modular coverage framework designed to audit Python internet packages.

The bottom of the Vimana consists of crawlers thinking about frameworks (in conjunction with the generic ones for internet), trackers, discovery, fuzzer, parser amongst different forms of modules. The primary idea, from the place the framework emerged, is to spot, thru a blackbox manner, configuration flaws and insufficient and/or inadequate implementations that let unhandled exceptions to be introduced on. Relying at the framework settings (or specific libs even if no longer using frameworks, as an example uncooked wsgi) this can result in leakage of delicate and essential knowledge that may permit to compromising all of the software, server, apis, databases, services and products and merchandise and any 3rd segment software with tokens, secrets and techniques and methods and methods or api keys in supply uncovered setting variables.

Each and every different very important step carried out by way of Vimana is to procure and reconstruct the provision code snippets of the affected modules (leaked by way of exceptions) that let the invention of hardcoded credentials, connection strings to databases, inclined libraries, in conjunction with permitting the research of good judgment of the appliance of a combined perspective between the black and whitebox approaches, given that preliminary research begins from a blind take a look at, however in spite of everything in the end finally ends up permitting get entry to to code snippets.

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