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DoubleClick by means of Google refers to the DoubleClick Digital Promoting and advertising and marketing platform which is a separate division within Google. This is Google’s most sophisticated selling equipment set, which accommodates 5 interconnected platform portions.

DoubleClick Advertising marketing campaign Manager: the ad-serving platform, referred to as an Ad Server, that delivers ads in your consumers and measures all internet promoting, even all over screens and channels.

DoubleClick Bid Manager – the programmatic bidding platform for bidding on top of the range ad inventory from more than 47 ad marketplaces at the side of Google Display Neighborhood.

DoubleClick Ad Business: the field’s largest ad marketplace for purchasing display, video, cell, Search and even Facebook inventory.

DoubleClick Search: is additional difficult than AdWords and used for purchasing search ads all over Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

DoubleClick Creative Solutions: for designing, turning in and measuring rich media (video) ads, interactive and expandable ads.

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