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Hello aspiring ethical hackers. In this article, you are able to be informed a couple of tool named Wifite. It is an automatic Wireless password cracking tool that tries with reference to all recognized methods of wireless cracking like Pixie-Dust attack, Brute-Energy PIN attack, NULL PIN attack, WPA Handshake Grab + offline crack, The PMKID Hash Grab + offline crack and somewhat numerous WEP cracking attacks.
Wifite is installed by means of default on Kali Linux. Very similar to any wireless password cracking manner, Wifite needs follow mode to be enabled on the wireless interface as confirmed beneath. Then again, it robotically we could in this follow mode but if it fails to permit it, you are able to permit it manually as confirmed beneath.

Let’s see how Wifite works in cracking WEP, WPA and WPS enabled networks. As in brief given that entirety is ready, open terminal and get began Wifite the use of command as confirmed beneath.

It starts appearing all the wireless networks to your group as confirmed beneath.

Let’s purpose the Get admission to Degree “Hack_Me_If_You_Can” which has WEP protection enabled. Once you select the get entry to degree you want to pay attention to, hit CTRl + C and enter the selection of that get entry to degree. In our case it is “1”.

While you enter the selection of that get entry to degree, Wifite tries out somewhat numerous attacks against the get entry to degree and grabs its password as confirmed beneath.

WEP is simply too easy. Let’s see how it fares in cracking WPA password. We commence Wifite as confirmed above. Our purpose is once all over again “Hack_Me_If_You_Can”. Then again, as you are able to see it is secured with WPA now.

It starts attacking the use of  somewhat numerous methods as confirmed beneath.

Now, let’s purpose a Get admission to Degree with WPS pin enabled.

As you are able to see, Wifite is successful in cracking WEP, WPA and WPS keys robotically without working any difficult directions . Be informed how you are able to crack Wifi passwords with Besside-ng.

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