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This webapp is a browser and desktop password supervisor suitable with KeePass databases. It does no longer require any server or further belongings. The app can run every in browser, or as a desktop app.

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On one web internet web page: Alternatives, FAQ
Web internet web page: keeweb.knowledge
Twitter: kee_web
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The app is relatively forged now. Basic stuff, together with further subtle operations, should be slightly unswerving.


The entire thing you need to host this app for your server is any static file server. The app is a unmarried HTML file + a carrier employee (optionally; for offline get right to use). You’ll be able to obtain the latest distribution information from gh-pages department.

In case you are using Docker:

  1. put your dh.pem, cert.pem, key.pem to /and so on/nginx/exterior/
  2. run this script:
docker run --name keeweb -d -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -v $EXT_DIR:/and so on/nginx/exterior/ antelle/keeweb

To make Dropbox artwork for your self-hosted app, switch to this Wiki web internet web page.


Probably the most an important most straightforward tactics to clone all KeeWeb repos is:

curl up/ | bash -

The app may also be constructed with grunt: grunt (html information it’ll be in dist/).
Desktop apps are constructed with grunt desktop. This calls for some magic and lately works best on CI, you’ll be able to in finding further main points in the GitHub Movements workflow.

To run the desktop (electron) app with out development an installer, bring together the app with grunt and get started it this fashion:

npm run dev
npm run electron

For debug bring together:

  1. run npm run dev
  2. open http://localhost:8085

To construct desktop apps, use those objectives, the outcome may also be present in tmp:

npm run dev-desktop-macos
npm run dev-desktop-windows
npm run dev-desktop-linux


Please be informed contribution guidelines for pull requests.
Here is a file of problems the place your be in agreement will also be very welcome. Additionally you’ll be able to be in agreement by way of translating KeeWeb in your language.

Other ways of contribution may also be discovered in this web internet web page.

Vital notes for pull requests

  • please department from building up, not clutch
  • do not edit translation information with the exception of for for base.json, they’re going to get replaced


KeeWeb isn’t loose to increase. It takes time, calls for paid code signing certificate and domain names.
You’ll be able to be in agreement the issue or say “thanks” with this button:

You’ll be able to additionally sponsor the developer instantly on GitHub.

Please follow: donation does not indicate any form of carrier contract.


Notable contributions to KeeWeb:

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