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VECTR is a tool that facilitates tracking of your red and blue team of workers testing movements to measure detection and prevention options all through different attack scenarios. VECTR provides the ability to create analysis groups, which surround a choice of Campaigns and supporting Check out Instances to simulate adversary threats. Campaigns may also be intensive and span activity across the kill chain, from initial compromise to privilege escalation and lateral movement and so on, or usually is a narrow in scope to be aware of specific detection layers, tools, and infrastructure. VECTR is designed to put it on the market entire transparency between offense and coverage, encourage training between team of workers folks, and make stronger detection & prevention just right fortune charge across the atmosphere.

VECTR is desirous about not unusual indicators of attack and behaviors that may be carried out by way of any selection of threat actor groups, with more than a few objectives and levels of sophistication. VECTR can be utilized to replicate the step-by-step TTPs associated with specific groups and malware campaigns, on the other hand its primary objective is to replicate attacker behaviors that span a few threat actor groups and malware campaigns, earlier, supply and longer term. VECTR is meant to be used over the years with centered campaigns, iteration, and measurable enhancements to each and every red team of workers abilities and blue team of workers detection options. In the end the target of VECTR is to make a neighborhood resilient to all on the other hand one of the crucial delicate adversaries and insider attacks.


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VECTR v7.1.1 Serve as Breakdown

Body of workers


  • Carl Vonderheid
  • Galen Fisher
  • Daniel Hong


  • Andrew Scott
  • Patrick Hislop
  • Dan Guzek
  • Zara Gunner
  • Nick Galante





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