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Disclaimer: FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY! The parents don’t assume any responsibility for the usage of this software.

Caution: You should now not use your individual/number one account when using this software.

Osintgram provides an interactive shell to accomplish research on Instagram account of any customers by means of its nickname. You’ll get:

- addrs           Get all registered addressed by means of serve as pictures
- captions        Get shopper's pictures captions
- feedback        Get fundamental feedback of serve as's posts
- lovers       Get serve as lovers
- followings      Get customers adopted by means of serve as
- fwersemail      Get electronic message of serve as lovers
- fwingsemail     Get electronic message of customers adopted by means of serve as
- fwersnumber     Get telephone selection of serve as lovers
- fwingsnumber    Get telephone selection of customers adopted by means of serve as
- hashtags        Get hashtags utilized by serve as
- data            Get serve as data
- likes           Get fundamental likes of serve as's posts
- mediatype       Get shopper's posts type (symbol or video)
- photodes        Get description of serve as's pictures
- pictures          Obtain shopper's pictures in output folder
- propic          Obtain shopper's profile image
- tales         Obtain shopper's tales  
- tagged          Get tick list of customers tagged by means of serve as
- wcommented      Get a listing of shopper who commented serve as's pictures
- wtagged         Get a listing of shopper who tagged serve as

You’ll to search out detailed instructions utilization right kind proper right here.

Newest sort | Instructions | CHANGELOG

  1. hyperlink
  2. Docker-composed put in (if using Docker-compose) – hyperlink
  3. Credentials configured – This may also be completed manually or by means of working the make setup command from the foundation of this repo

Vital: Your container will fail if you don’t do step #3 and configure your credentials

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