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Sodastream machines are trendy amongst people who like to make their own seltzer water at space. However, replenishing the tiny gas canisters is costly and wasteful. [Becky] decided to beef up her system to avoid this drawback, and added some smarts while she was at it. 

The easy part of the hack is the use of an adapter to connect the Sodastream apparatus to a 50 lb CO2 tank from the welding store. This is easy enough, and easily uses a off the shelf adapter. The use of welding-grade gas in your consuming water is nearly indubitably a in reality dangerous idea, alternatively [Becky] was ready to take the nisk.

However, coverage was given due attention in {{that a}} CO2 observe was installed to make [Becky] aware of any dangerous leaks. The tank may be placed on a custom designed scale built with load cells and an ESP8266, which allows monitoring of the way in which so much gas is left. [Becky] notes that at her price of consuming one bottle a day, the tank should ultimate her a whole 7 years or so.

The undertaking brings costs all of the approach right down to 18 cents in line with liter of seltzer, versus 38 cents for the Sodastream gas supply. It’s in all probability that the Sodastream prices might however be beat even though a food-safe CO2 provide was used. Plus, there’s no need to regularly acquire new bottles!

Common, it’s a super undertaking and one that recollects us of continuous-ink printer hacks. Video after the spoil.

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